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Someone Did Lose the Sanchez-Guida Fight

A night after one of the best slugfests in recent UFC history, I am reading column after column that no one lost the fight.

That isn’t accurate. I watched the fight. Clay Guida lost. Diego Sanchez landed more power shots, totally dominated the first round and won the fight.

My point is let’s not sit here and pretend that Diego Sanchez didn’t win that fight because it takes away from his impressive performance in a tremendous fight. Sanchez should be applauded for winning a war but instead the articles I’m reading are giving Guida more props for fighting hard and losing.

And I’m certainly taking nothing away from Guida. Not many fighters could weather that first round storm, come back the way he did and almost steal the decision away from Sanchez. That was an impressive display of heart.

Guida proved he has a chin of granite and the desire I wish some of the more talented fighters in the UFC fought with every time they stepped into the Octagon. He’s a true asset to the organization.

Having said that, am I the only one who is tiring a little of his “The kid trying hard in gym class” act? The way he was bouncing up and down after the fight kind of bothered me. Don’t try and hide the fact that you are tired. Sanchez kicked your butt all over that cage.

The second the cameras were off I guarantee Guida stopped jumping up and down like the “Energizer Bunny” reputation he’s built up for himself and dropped to the floor, so spare us all the drama.

Getting back to all these ridiculous columns I have been reading, though. They are so predictable. Every time I watch a great football game the same type of stories surface about how there were no losers out on the field.

The reason I hate these so much because I believe it takes away something from the winner. One team found a way to gut out a win in a great game. Don’t they deserve some credit for that?

The tougher the opponent, shouldn’t the victor receive even more praise for finding a way to get by their opponent on that day? I think so. To say that there is no loser is also saying there is no winner and that is diminishing a great accomplishment in my book.

On Saturday night, Diego Sanchez was at his very best. He came out strong but he met an opponent in Clay Guida who was up to the challenge and refused to go away. Guida probably could have been knocked out in the first round but his heart and determination made him fight on.

Guida deserves a lot of credit for that but Sanchez deserves even more because he was the one who proved to be the better man in a great fight. At the end of the night it was Sanchez who got his hand raised.

Besides, for all the talk of how tough Guida is, didn’t Sanchez prove he’s even tougher? He won. Read the recent Yahoo! story on the fight. A majority of it talks about how tough a fighter Guida is but you know what? Sanchez showed that he’s a pretty tough fighter in his own right, so give the guy who actually won the fight his due.

Despite what you may read at other sites, there was a winner on Saturday night. His name is Diego Sanchez and he deserves more respect for winning than the guy who fought hard and lost.

It’s a shame that more people don’t see it that way because after his performance last night Sanchez deserves all the headlines, not Guida.

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