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Spencer Fisher headed to the WEC?


It appears as though eleven fight UFC veteran Spencer Fisher may be entertaining thoughts of switching things up a bit and possibly heading over to the WEC .

Thirteen days ago Fisher started a thread at the MMA Underground Forums following his most recent victory at UFC 99, a hard fought unanimous decision over the highly regarded Cao Uno, where “The King” had this to say,”I just wanted to thank Uno for the chance to get in ring with him. He is a great fighter as well as a person. It was a good close fight. And as far as anything else that is said and done I have to hype any fight anyway I can.”

Just this evening Fisher posted this question on the same thread,”Maybe to the WEC, what do you guys think?”

It would be a little bit odd if Fisher switched over to the WEC following three consecutive wins in the UFC, but it would undoubtedly be a place where he would make an immediate impact, and very likely challenge for a title in the not so distant future.

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