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GSP on Thiago Alves: ‘I can stand with him’


Even though UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has faced some of the toughest men the world has to offer at 170 pounds during the course of his career, the dominant Canadian will be the first to tell you that he expects for his next title defense to be one of the toughest tests he has faced inside of a cage.

St. Pierre is just one week away from UFC 100 where he will meet one of the most dangerous welterweight strikers in the history of the octagon in Thiago Alves.

According to GSP in a recent video interview on, the fight is his to lose.

“I have many ways to win that fight,” explained the ultra-confident champion. “I have more tools than he has.

“I’m going to be the one to dictate the pace. I’m going to be the one to control the fight.”

Alves is the most dangerous on his feet, with devastating kicks and heavy hands, but St. Pierre feels confident regardless of where the battle ends up.

“I think I can stand with him, I think I can wrestle with him, I think I can go on the ground with him, I can do everything with him,” said GSP.

Just because the defending champion isn’t overly worried about ultimately exchanging with Alves at some point, he’s no fool, St. Pierre plans on taking the fight where he needs to in order to leave the octagon with his had raised one more time.

“I’m a smart fighter,” said St. Pierre. “I’m going to fight against his weaknesses, not his strengths. The key for me is to win, and to win I’m going to do anything that I can.”

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