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Dana White: ‘Don’t wait for tomorrow’


Dana White has been absolutely instrumental in establishing the Ultimate Fighting Championship as the premier mixed martial arts promotion on the planet.

The type of success that White has reaped within the industry isn’t just handed to you.

It’s no mystery that the president of the UFC had the good fortune of being close friends with the Fertitta brothers, but any successful businessman will tell you; It takes a little bit of luck, and a whole lot of hard work to get the things you desire in life.

According to White, insomnia has a great deal to do with the relentless drive that has pushed him throughout his career with the UFC.

“I sleep probably three to six hours a night. The great thing about me is I don’t require a lot of sleep,” said White in a recent interview with The Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I don’t like sleeping. It actually bothers me. I wake up a lot. I’m always thinking about what needs to be done.

“The only thing that’s holding this business back right now, the reason we’re not growing faster than we already are, is because there’s not enough time in the day, and other people have to sleep. That’s really our biggest enemy right now is time.”

It’s White’s passion for the sport that keeps him awake at night. Not his hunger for power, or money. Dana just loves his job, it’s as simple as that.

“I love this business,” explained White. “I love what I do. It’s not work to me; it’s fun. I literally could do anything that I want to do. I’ve obviously made enough money. There isn’t anything I would rather do than the UFC, go to work or talk about work. It’s actually pretty (expletive) pathetic, to be honest.”

It’s never been all about the money for White. Just prior to getting involved in the fight game he was pulling in a solid sixty grand a year working as a bellman at a Boston hotel.

Although Dana was making a good living working at the hotel, according to him, doing something he hated just wasn’t living.

“I hated that job,” admitted White. “One day I was standing in the lobby in the monkey suit, waiting for people to come down and take their bags, and I was thinking, ‘Is this my life? What the (expletive) am I doing here?’

“I said, ‘I don’t care about money. I don’t care if I never make a dime. If I can just make enough to eat and live, I’ll be happy.’

“If you hate your job and you’re miserable getting up and going to work every day, what are you waiting for? Do it right now. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Half the battle is knowing exactly what you want to do.”

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