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Brock Lesnar celebrates revenge over Frank Mir with a cold Bud Light

Brock“Wow, that man just doesn’t give a …… just, wow,” was what must have run through most fans minds as Brock Lesnar took an opportunity to bash the sponsor of last evening’s UFC 100 in his post fight interview with Joe Rogan following his second round destruction of Frank Mir.

Lesnar looked right at the Bud Light logo painted in the center of the octagon and announced loud and proud that he would be drinking Coors Light to celebrate his revenge over Mir because Bud Light wasn’t paying him.

The man just doesn’t care.

Following the interview, Goldie announced that the heavyweight championship had been brought to us by Bud Light.

Just as the post fight press conference was set to begin, Brock entered the room with a cold bottle of Bud Lite in tow. He held it up high so Dana White can see it with a Cheshire Cat smile across his face. The UFC President couldn’t help but crack a grin and look down at the podium.

It was fairly obvious Lesnar had been spoken to at some point following his championship victory.

The massive champion faced the press and zipped his fingers across his lips in a gesture that said,”My mouth is shut, and I promise to be on my best behavior.”

The room broke out into laughter.

“BUD LITE!,” exclaimed Lesnar, keeping the devilish grin plastered across his mug the entire time.

“I took a hard knee,” joked Brock as he took a deep chug from his frosty beverage.

It may very well have been the first time a UFC champion has celebrated at a UFC post fight press conference with a cold one, but for some reason with Lesnar, it just made sense.

“I want to apologize to Bud Light,” said Lesnar. “I’m not biased, I drink any beer.

“Tonight I’m drinking Bud Light, all night.”

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