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UFC 100 Fighter Salaries


Brock Lesnar and Georges St.Pierre were the two highest paid athletes at last Saturday evening’s UFC 100 as both champions walked away with $400,000 for their winning efforts.

Lesnar was guaranteed the $400,000 to fight while $200,000 of GSP’s payout came in the form of a win bonus.

Trailing the salary leaders were the TUF 9 coaches Dan Henderson ($250,000) and Michael Bisping ($150,000).

Mark Coleman was the highest paid undercard fighter with a total payday of $100,000.

A full list of the payouts for UFC 100 are listed below:

Brock Lesnar: $400,000 def. Frank Mir: $45,000

Georges St-Pierre: $400,000 ($200,000 win bonus) def. Thiago Alves: $60,000

Dan Henderson: $250,000 ($150,000 win bonus) def. Michael Bisping: $150,000

Jon Fitch: $90,000 (including $45,000 win bonus) def. Paulo Thiago: $8,000

Yoshihiro Akiyama: $60,000 ($20,000 win bonus) def. Alan Belcher: $19,000

Mark Coleman: $100,000 ($50,000 win bonus) def. Stephan Bonnar: $25,000

Jim Miller: $22,000 ($11,000 win bonus) def. Mac Danzig: $20,000

Jon Jones: $18,000 ($9,000 win bonus) def. Jake O’Brien: $13,000

Dong Hyun Kim: $58,000 ($29,000 win bonus) def. T.J. Grant: $5,000

Tom Lawlor: $16,000 ($8,000 win bonus) def. C.B. Dollway: $14,000

Shannon Gugerty: $10,000 ($5,000 win bonus) def. Matt Grice: $7,000

  • edub says:

    Some points I have problems with:

    Mark Coleman- I understand hes a legend and all but seriously why would this guy get a guaranteed 50 grand to fight. Hes not gonna be a title contender.

    Frank Mir- Only a guaranteed 45 grand in the main event of the “Biggest mma event in history”. I mean that is over 100 gs less than Bisping…

    Michael Bisping- Really? I understand a lot of people picked the upset( I did… Im an idiot.) and hes a huge draw in england but come on.

    Dong Hyun Kim- Is he supposed to be their big draw in asia. 29 gs is too much for a guy who is not exciting and most likely gonna be a journeyman.

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  • PlagueAngel says:

    Frank Mir’s salary is his own fault. Maybe he should get a new agent or deal. He has good marketability still with potential matchups with good heavyweight fighters. I hope the UFC doesn’t push a third fight because Lesnar showed me is at another level. I thought before the fight that a second fight with Randy would be great, but now its making a lot of people wonder if its worth it. Mir should definately be getting paid more even with a loss.

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  • JBAR says:

    What is wrong is that without the 150K bonus Hendo’s base salary was 50K less than Bisping’s. I know he is the UFC’s UK poster child, I just don’t like him that much ever since the Hammil fight and think based on his performances in the cage he is overpaid.

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  • Patrickk says:

    LMAO at the fact that Mark Coleman got paid $100,000. And Frank Mir gets a measly $45,000??? Wow, that’s crazy!

    I really do want the UFC to come out with a veteran or a senior or a hall of fame division. Something so that we can see the old heads fight and it still be kind of cool. Cuz Mark Coleman will never be a top-tier fighter again, but I still kind of like seeing him fight. I’d like to see Coleman vs. Severn.

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  • metalmulisha says:

    Patrickk “I’d like to see Coleman vs. Severn.”

    Get a copy of UFC 12.

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  • shotokai_ says:

    Win by ridiculous power move neck crank, 0% technique 200% strength

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