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Kimbo Slice: ‘I can’t just come with one dimension; I’ll get smashed’


As the mixed martial arts community prepares itself for the most anticipated season of the highly successful Ultimate Fighter series, much of the attention has been centered around one man.

The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights is set to begin airing on September 16 and will feature a bearded brawler that goes by the name of Kevin Ferguson, more commonly known as Kimbo Slice.

Eager to redeem himself in the fight game following his fourteen second embarrassment at the hands of Seth Petruzelli in October of 2008, Kimbo threw the masses for a curve ball when it was recently announced that he would be part of the upcoming heavyweight TUF cast.

It seemed like Kimbo hysteria ensued overnight following the recent announcement. Why all the attention for a guy that used to beat human punching bags upon the Internet? The way Kimbo sees it, it’s because he’s just your every day Wal-Mart shopping Joe.

“The reason why I have a large fanbase and following is because people know I can relate,” explained Kimbo in a recent interview with “I can relate to that guy right there. He goes to Wal-mart? I go to Wal-mart, too. He sees me, we talk. I’m in Winn-Dixie like he’s in Winn-Dixie. I don’t consider myself no bigtime, nothing like that. I’m just a regular guy doing what I love to do.”

A big fan base isn’t going to save your butt in the octagon, and Kimbo knows full well that if he has any plans of remaining in the UFC for any length of time, he’s got some work to do.

“You’ve got to be well-rounded to be an Ultimate Fighter,” said the 35 year old resident of Miami. “I can’t just come with one dimension; I’ll get smashed. So I gotta suit up. I’ve gotta learn some ground s***. I’ve gotta learn some wrestling s***. I’ve got to prepare for mixed martial arts and get ready for it.”

Slice admits that his ultimate goal in the UFC is to become a champion, but until then he’s fine with just scrapping.

“Eventually you want to put that title around your waist,” said Kimbo. “You want that gold. But you know, if it happens, it’s gonna happen. Just line them up.”

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