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Dana and Tito Bury the Hatchet


One of the deepest and longest running feuds in the history of mixed martial arts has officially met it’s end.

Believe it or not, there is no longer any bad blood between UFC President Dana White and former UFC champion Tito Ortiz.

Ortiz spoke of a recent meeting between the two during Thursday’s edition of TapouT Radio.

“I had a conversation with Dana last week, me and him spoke,” revealed Ortiz. “We were really, really good friends at a point. We were best friends at a point. Everything got mucked up because of the fight game.

“I wanted to be a man and kind of squash things between me and him, and wish him luck in his journey, and he did the same to me. So we kind of amended with each other and squashed things. Which is great because Dana showed the type of person he is by apologizing to me, and vice versa.”

Tito’s comments were confirmed shortly thereafter by Dana White himself via his Twitter account.

“Yes, Tito and I made up,” tweated White.

So that’s it, Tito’s returning to the UFC, right? Not so fast says Dana.

“Doesn’t mean he’s back,” he posted on his official account. “It means we aren’t smashing each other anymore and we don’t hate each other.”

So what’s up with Tito? Where’s he fighting next?

According to Ortiz, anything’s possible in the near future, but he did say he expects to fight before the end of the year.

“I’m in negotiations with Strikeforce, and of course I would love to get the deal done, I’m still kind of waiting,” explained Ortiz during his recent appearance on TapouT Radio. “The UFC’s not out of the picture, Affliction’s not out of the picture. I’m just kind of sitting back and playing the free role right now.”

In other news, hell has frozen over.

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