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Five Ounces Presents the Affliction Trilogy Giveaway – UPDATE

UPDATE: As it now appears that the event has been cancelled,  the tickets will obviously not be available. If this is the case, the rare limited edition collectors item Affliction Trilogy shirts will be divided among the top editorial submissions and the top commentators. We will keep you updated on the contest as more details of the event become available.

Ladies and gentleman the Affliction VIP Ticket Giveaway is nearing its end. Throughout the day the friendly staff here at will be reviewing the editorial submissions you guys have submitted over the last week to identify the five lucky winners of the VIP tickets to Affliction Trilogy in Anaheim, California on August 1.

Our gift to you, the readers, for your undying loyalty and support that helps to make this one of the best MMA websites in the galaxy.

To be frank, we were overwhelmed by the amount of submissions we had to the contest and how passionate and well read many of those submissions were. We had a hunch there was a wealth of hidden talent in our midst and those suspicions have been confirmed over the last week of reviewing your entries. So kudos to you all, our readers, we love you guys…. sniff, sniff.

We’d like to thank our friends over at Affliction for hooking us up with this super fresh swag to give back to you, the people.

The VIP ticket contest is finishing up today and the winners will be announced bright and early tomorrow morning. Winners will be contacted via e-mail and will have 12 hours to respond and claim your tickets, after that they will be offered to the next runner up, so be sure to check your e-mails tomorrow guys!

The good news is that we’re running our Affliction Trilogy T-Shirt Giveaway through the day of the event. So the contest to get yourself a super bad ass $50 Affliction shirt for nothing more than a measly $3 shipping charge it still on like Donkey Kong.

How do I get my insanely awesome limited edition Affliction Trilogy event shirt? The answer to that question is simple: COMMENT!! If you’re not registered, REGISTER!! It takes like thirty seconds and you’ll be so glad you did. At the end of next week we will be looking at the comment boards from the day the contest began and select a bunch of lucky winners. The criteria to win will based on a few things; quality of posts, insight of posts, AMOUNT OF POSTS!

So without further adue, here are some quality exclusive pics of the shirts that you can own if you step your WPM up a notch over the next week. You’ll be the envy of all of your friends……….

Affliction 2

Affliction 1

Affliction 3

Affliction 4

5 oz

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