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Report: Fedor turns down six-fight, $30 million deal with the UFC

Fedor 2Everyone has their price, right?

Well, apparently Fedor Emelianenko and his management M-1 Global are the exception to the rule.

According to a recent report from Charmichael Dave, who is a host on CBS Radio and good friend to UFC President Dana White, Fedor and his management have recently declined on what could very possibly be the most lucrative deal offered to a mixed martial artist in the history of the game.

Apparently Fedor had been offered a six-fight, $30 million contract with the UFC, along with a cut of the PPV revenue.

He was also guaranteed an immediate title shot with current UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.

Further stipulations in the reported deal turned down by Emelianenko included his allowance to participate in Combat Sambo, the ability to don as much M-1 clothing as he deemed fit during his fights, and an agreement to place M-1 logos inside of the Octagon.

So what was the deal-breaker in the current offer? You guessed it, co-promotion.

M-1 Global stated yesterday during the Fedor Emelianenko press conference held in California that the company was only interested in fighting as part of a co-promotion. At this time it doesn’t appear that the UFC wants any part of that.

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