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Fedor: ‘The offer we got from the UFC was really miserable’

Vadim and FedorFedor Emelianenko has seemingly gone from hero to villain overnight as a large chunk of the mixed martial arts community turned their back on the humble Russian following reports he had turned down an incredible sum of money to compete in the UFC. To be more specific, Charmichael Dave had recently quoted sources within the UFC that had stated that Fedor was offered a six-fight, $30 million contract.

How could Emelianenko turn down such a profitable contract? He has to be out of his mind! Or scared, that’s it, Fedor must be scared of the UFC! It had to be is management. Those “Crazy Russians” and their ridiculous demands. But is it truly Vadim Finkelchtein who calls the shots within M-1 Global?

According to “The Last Emperor” himself in statements made during this afternoon’s Strikeforce/Showtime press conference, he’s far from a puppet. The reality of things is that Emelianenko plays a much closer role in the dealings of his career and M-1 Global as a company than many would like to believe.

“I would like to say that I have full control of all of the contracts, and my career as well,” said Fedor. “I get financial reports all of the time. All contracts and important issues are being discussed with me. Everything that I don’t like, Vadim tries to stand for. I need to tell you that I have the complete control of everything that is going on.”

And what abut the six-fight $30 million dollar contract that was seemingly too good to be true; According to Fedor it was exactly that, to good to be true.

“The offer that we got was of one kind, and then on the Internet they published absolutely different numbers,” explained Emelianenko. “The offer that we got from them was really miserable.”

Fedor’s manager and the owner of M-1 Global Vadim Finkelchtein was on hand to reiterate the newly signed Strikeforce heavyweight’s comments, and went a step further, surprisingly stating that if the impressive contract reports previously circulating the Internet had been true, Fedor would be with the UFC right now.

“Dana White stated that Fedor and M-1 rejected a huge amount of money, and decided to fight for nothing, for cheap money,” said Finkelchtein. “But that’s not the truth, because nothing special was offered to M-1 and Fedor during the negotiations with the UFC.

“I think that if the numbers that were published on the Internet were the real numbers, we would have signed the contract with the UFC. But in fact all of the numbers that were indicated on the Internet, these were just rumors.”

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