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UFC Declares War On Strikeforce

strikeforcecrestIt seems as though war has been declared towards Strikeforce by the UFC based on comments made by UFC President Dana White this afternoon at the UFC 101 press conference.

White had never shown anything but respect for Scott Coker and his brand prior to today, but the recent signing of Fedor Emelianenko with Strikeforce undoubtedly prompted the most recent remarks made about “The Last Emperor” and the promotion he is signed to.

“He’ll put them out of business,” said Dana in regards to Fedor’s potential impact on Strikeforce. “They have no money, and they have no distribution. Four f***** people watch Showtime.

The outspoken UFC figurehead went on to call the competing promotion “Strikefarce”, compared the company to a local event and discredit it’s champions.

“They’re a small town show,” stated White. “Cung Le hasn’t defended the title since like 1997. Josh Thomson hasn’t defended the belt in like two years. Who’s their other champion? Alistair Overeem? He hasn’t defended the belt in like two years. It’s “Strikefarce”. It’s a little regional show with no one in it.”

Strikeforce President Scott Coker‘s response to White’s recent comment during a Strikeforce/Fedor press conference held earlier this afternoon was expectantly respectful.

“My response to that is: Of course he’s going to say that, he’s a promoter,” said Coker. “He’s going to go out and do, and say what he’s going to say, but we’ve been in this business for a long time, and I think we know how to operate a business. With the relationship with Showtime and M-1, I feel really confident that we’re going to have some great big shows with Fedor.”

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