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Anderson Silva Batters Forrest Griffin At UFC 101

anderson-silvaCurrent UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva established himself as a legitimate threat to the crown at 205 pounds, and further solidified the argument that he is the best fighter in the world this evening at UFC 101 as he made knocking out former UFC light-heavyweight champion Forest Griffin look easy.

The bout started out simple enough, with both men sizing the other up, before Silva caught a Griffin low kick and threw the larger man to the canvas. It was all downhill from there for Forrest as he was dropped with a vicious left hook upon being allowed to his feet. Once back to his feet for the third and final time in the first round it became obvious that Silva was playing with the former UFC champ, much like a spider would it’s prey. Seconds later Anderson dropped his hands, a la Roy Jones Jr., and flattened Griffin for the last time with a short, powerful right hand to the chin.

An electrifying performance from an amazing fighter that further serves to ask the question, ‘Is Anderson just on a whole other level?”.

It was a performance that would make eight-time world champion boxer Roy Jones Jr. proud. Of course Jones was in attendance at UFC 101,  and it would be no stretch of the imagination to assume that the boxer’s pesence served to motivate Silva to razzle and dazzle the crowd like he once had before.

It appears as though we may have “The Spider” that we have grown to love back in his old form once again.

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