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B.J. Penn Submits Kenny Florian At UFC 101

bj_pennUFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn once again displayed why he is considered to be one of the most talented fighters to ever step foot inside of a cage this evening as he showed the pupil exactly why he is the master at UFC 101.

It appeared as though Kenny Florian may have planned on winning a battle of conditioning against Penn as he utilized the clinch for a small chunk of the three rounds leading up to the fights eventual finish in the fourth. If the gameplan on Florian’s end was to wear Penn down and come on in the later rounds, it failed miserably.

Penn never tired in what ended up being a very closely contested battle, as he turned up the heat and finished off Ken-Flo with a trademark rear-naked choke towards the end of the fourth round.

On Florian’s end, he has nothing to be ashamed of as he absolutely displayed that he deserves to be considered among the very top of his weight class after keeping the fight extremely close before the bout’s eventual conclusion.

Meanwhile, B.J. Penn took one step closer to solidifying himself as the most dominant 155 pound champion in UFC history this evening in Philadelphia in an impressive, hard-fought championship performance.

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