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From Outlawed To Mainstream: Is MMA following in Nascar’s footsteps?

NascarU.S. President Barack Obama held an interview about Nascar on Wednesday afternoon, and it made me think, could one day MMA find its way into the White House? Could one day, a future President of the United States endorse and embrace this sport of ours?

Presidents from the beginning have been involved in sports, in one way or another. From Abraham Lincoln, who if you’ve ever seen the goofy candy commercials, was an avid wrestling fan (oh it’s true, it’s true, look it up), to numerous Presidents throwing out the first pitch in baseball games. America has even had one former president who owned a baseball team, prior to his election.

So again, is it possible that one day MMA will be accepted and acknowledged by the most powerful man in America?

Wednesday, President Obama called Nascar a “uniquely American sport”. I personally am taking this as a step in the right direction for MMA.

Hear me out.

Nascar started through bootleggers during prohibition, increasing their automobiles power, in an effort to outrun the cops. Then one day, they thought it would be fun to race each others cars, and the rest is history.

The parallels between MMA and Nascar may seem far-fetched at first, but if you look at both sports beginnings, they are somewhat similar. Both outlawed by police, both deemed only for a “certain demographic”, and both took years to break into the mainstream.

Today MMA is at its highest peak ever and it continues to grow in popularity. No longer is MMA strictly for beer chugging “Just Bleed” idiots it used to attract. Although these guys may still be there (we’ve all been to an event and seen them), its also for people who have come to appreciate it for the competitive sport that it is. This is largely in part of the marketing done to break the stereotypes given from its infancy, but also from promoters like Dana White and Scott Coker who continue to bring this sport into the mainstream.

If Nascar, which has been around way longer than MMA as we know it today, can be at the doorsteps of the White House, is it not at least a valid question to ask that MMA could be too? Couldn’t MMA also be considered a “uniquely American sport”?

Or maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part……….

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