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NAAFS President Greg Kalikas responds to Sean Salmon controversy

Sean Salmon has recently fallen under a storm of controversy following a recently published article he penned for During the article Salmon goes on to describe how he threw a bout during a North American Allied Fight Series event held in June of this year. A portion of the transcript written by Salmon is below:

Now it’s June 3, and I am flying back to Columbus, Ohio, from Manchester, England, where I was training with Wolfslair helping some of the team’s fighters prepare for their upcoming bouts. The plan was to fly in on June 3, fight in Cleveland on the 6th and then fly back to England on the 7th.

I left England and was given a very serious warning: “If you get hurt in that fight, don’t bother coming back.” My opponent for the fight was 6-6, so obviously getting back to England to learn and train with some of the best was my priority.

Seeing how my opponent had just a 6-6 record, I figured I could easily bully him into rolling over for me, collect the easy win, and return to England. But it didn’t happen that way at all. Someone forgot to tell my opponent to roll over and quit.

I handled him very easily for the entire first round. He was able to land one very good elbow to my temple. I am embarrassed to admit that my first thought was that, “If he cut me and I can’t go back to England, this is not worth it.” How in the world could I be in a fight and think that if I got cut, it is not worth the win?

In the second round, I took him down again. He went for an armbar, I defended it (only to prove to myself that he couldn’t get it), and then I put my arm back in to give him the win so that I could return to England, healthy. Just so you all know, that is the most embarrassing thing that I have ever admitted out loud.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with NAAFS President/CEO Greg Kalikas regarding the controversy caused by a recent article penned by Sean Salmon. His official statement was as follows:

“Obviously, we are disturbed and offended by Sean Salmon’s comments. We’ve worked very hard over the past 5 years to establish our brand name as a premier organization and we CAN NOT condone these actions. We are exploring all of our avenues for recourse.”

For those who may not be aware the NAAFS is arguably the most prestigious amateur MMA organization in the U.S. They have diligently worked their way up the ladder to the point where they are now one of the most recognized pro MMA organizations as well.

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