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Wanderlei Silva explains recent surgery

WanderleiThere has been much speculation on Wanderlei Silva’s recent surgeries, so “The Axe Murderer” decided to set the record straight himself.

He recently posted a blog entry on YouTube to comment on everything from his surgery, a new tattoo, what he’s doing now, to the prospect of fighting for Wand Fight Team.

From pictures floating around the internet it was apparent that his eyes had been changed. What he actually had done was have the bone scrapped around his eyes to avoid getting cut during fights. He claimed almost all of his fights required between 7-12 stitches following the bout, from what he was calling “big cuts from scratches”.

He also had his nose fixed to clear a better breathing passage. He said after a broken nose suffered during his second bout with Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, his nose started to bend. His nose has been broke many times since then, during training and fights, which led to him also suffering from sleep apnea. He also commented that when the doctor opened up his nose, “she called her assistant over to show how ugly it was.”

Although the scars are still apparent around his eyes, Silva says he’s training as much as he can, even though a fight anytime soon seems very far off. He claims with the surgery he is ready to “start a new era and fresh beginning in his career”, and has been cutting weight and dieting to eventually make his debut in the UFC at 185 lbs.

Silva said this is the first time in his 13 year career he has taken a break and wants to focus his attention on his team and new gym. He will be holding open tryouts at his gym to give young fighter who may not be at the professional level, a chance to break in to the big leagues. Silva wants to build a stronger fight team to represent his gym, in addition to helping new up-and-comers.

Open tryouts will be held in October, and participants will be selected by Silva and his coaches to see who will represent the Wand Fight Team. For more information visit

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