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Gegard Mousasi calls Paulo Filho out: ‘The steroids have gone to his head’

Gegard MousasiNewly crowned Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion Gegard Mousasi is normally a very calm, soft spoken type of guy, but recent comments by Brazilian submission specialist Paulo Filho have served to fire up the docile Dutch-Armenian phenom.

In a recent interview with, Filho was quoted as saying,”[Mousasi] doesn’t have my strength, he doesn’t have my level on the ground. He can be a better striker, but he doesn’t have my strength and he’ll go down once and be submitted.”

Now as you may have noticed, Filho mentioned his perceived strength advantage twice in comparing himself to the Strikeforce champion. Strength Mousasi feels more than likely come from “special powers” and he doesn’t mean that Filho was bit by a radioactive spider, as he would explain in an interview with,”What happened when he came to America? He got beat up, now he’s back in Japan and he feels like a kid in a candy story I think. He can use all kinds of steroids. I think the steroids have gone to his head.

“He didn’t perform the same as he does in Japan as in America, and now he suddenly has a big mouth again.”

Referring specifically to Filho’s recent loss to Chael Sonnen on American soil , Mousasi speculated,”I think he wasn’t feeling very good mentally because he cannot use his magic stuff.

“I would say that he’s a little donkey on steroids that thinks he’s a running horse now, but he’s more like a little pony.”

Mousasi would go on to explain that although he would love to teach Filho a lesson for his recent remarks, under no circumstances would he face the Brazilian in Japan, or anywhere drug tests aren’t conducted for that matter.

Gegard would stop just short of calling the whole Japanese fighting community out on there long-standing practice, or non-practice, of failing to drug test their fighters, explaining,”You saw what happened with other fighters that came from Japan, when they fought in the U.S., and how they performed. So…. I don’t know….. it annoyed me, what he said.”

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