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Bas Rutten responds to Kimbo

KimboWith the premier of The Ultimate Fighter 10 season coming this week, all eyes have been on Kimbo Slice. The internet sensation turned mixed martial artist will try his luck in the UFC reality series after a notorious stint with EliteXC.

He was 3-1 while fighting for Elite XC, and was being trained by one of the best around, Bas Rutten. It’s been well documented that the break-up between the two, following the 0:14 second TKO at the hands of Seth Petruzelli, had turned the once friends into now foes. Rutten had claimed that Keven “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson had stopped listening to the legendary fighter/coach and didn’t need to train using Ruttens advice. Ultimately, the two went their separate ways, but both have stayed vocal about the split.

Rutten jabbed first with his comments stating Slice had turned into an “a**hole”, and wasn’t interested in training people with no respect for his teachings.

Last week, Kimbo struck back with his own version stating, “I guess with him, he pretended to be a friend but he really wasn’t I guess. It was just business with him. You pay a guy good money to teach you things and be a good teacher and they take your money. But then they turn round and say ‘I tried to teach you stuff but its not working’ Come on man, you’re not a good teacher – so really he owes me some money right?,” Slice laughed. “But its all good, we all do what we gotta do.”

“El Guapo”, never one to keep quiet, issued a quick rebuttal to, claiming, “he had to respond to this”.

In the letter sent, Rutten wrote, “I didn’t say that he was an a**hole, I said that he TURNED into an a**hole, I actually told him this also about 5 weeks before the Petruzelli fight, I told him that I thought he turned into a a**hole, he said that he didn’t realize that and apologized, he did that two more times that day and even called me to say he didn’t knew he was doing that. Later I called him an a**hole because all of the sh** that he took for granted, I also told him that I had no respect for him in our last meeting, but why I said that? I won’t even go there”.

On the money he was being paid, Rutten claimed it wasn’t good as people might think, “Lets say that he made $100,000, I couldn’t train him two times a day so I told my buddy at my gym, Randy Khatami, who’s a great boxing coach and also teaches some basic submissions, that I would take him in the morning, and he would take him at night. Now everybody tells me that I just have to pay my friend a certain amount of money, like a “per hour” deal because it would be better “money wise” for me. But since I believe that a TEAM works together, I just pay him half of what I make. Lets do the math here, 10% of 100,000, is $10,000, that I split in half, so I make $5000 in 5 or 6 weeks. I also told him BEFORE I started training him, that he had to understand that when I had a commentary job, that I had to do that, since this was not a “money making machine for me” (try to live in CA from $5000 in 6 weeks and support a family, haha, I dare you). He and his manager Mike, who’s a great guy, told me they understood that.”

Its seems the war of words will probably continue, with filming of the new TUF series over and constant access to the fighters, but it remains to be seen if Slice wants continue with one of the most voiced people in the MMA community. Bas Rutten has never been shy about speaking his mind, and something tells me he could do this forever.

He finished his letter with this, “If Kimbo would have done everything that he did in the beginning when he came in, he had great potential. To now blame that on the people who trained him, very loser thing to do. And if it was so bad, why is he still with Randy Khatami? He trains him in the style as I do because I told him so. See what I mean? He makes no sense. Lets see what he did in the “Ultimate Fighter” with his new and improved training. To put it in his own words. “Haha, but its all good, we all do what we gotta do”.

The series premier of The Ultimate Fighter 10: The Heavyweights airs Wednesday of this week and we will get to see first hand just how improved Kimbo has become.

  • BigDave says:

    Is bimbo still so delusional that he thinks he will be in the UFC? This guy must still be hittin the pipe. He got thumped by a guy that isn’t very good and a 185er. Thompson was beating his ass to before the ref stepped in to give kimbo a win he wasn’t even close to earning. But Its all mute because He will get KTFO in the first minute of his first fight in the house then bye bye cracko slice.

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  • MMASwami says:

    What fight did Kimblow only get paid $100k?? Dude made almost 1/2 a million for his last fight. Bas couldn’t live in Cali for 6 weeks on 25k??

    And @ BigDave. 7 Million people tuned in to watch him on CBS. I guarantee you that even if he gets blown out in his first couple of ppv fights, he will start be part of the UFC. ZUFFA knows who butters their bread.

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  • xtreme_machine says:

    Kimbo will be the last guy to fight just to keep the ratings high, he might even win one fight against the one CAN.

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    I think this is acually a good thing for Kimbo, he learned very quickly how fast money can go to your head and change you. Unfortunatly it seems to have ruined his relationship with Bas Rutten. My guess is that Kimbo will be much better equiped to handle the spotlight now that he has been through the whole elite xc thing.

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  • madheartmma says:

    Regardless- Kimbo will fight, becuz Kimbo generate$ money. people who don’t know mma think Kimbo is $cary, and want to $ee him fight, some people who do know mma, want to $ee him get $mashed, MMASwami says:”7 Million people tuned in to watch him on CBS” EXACTLY people $till want to $ee him. If he know$ how to play his card$ right, he can make alot more money, Only in America… Japan al$o. $uch i$ life.

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  • BigDave says:

    Bimbo was a draw, Zuffa realizes that If he get handled by a tomato can on tuf that there is no way in hell they put him on there roster. If Zuffa thought for a second that he was as big a draw as you seen to think (the CBS stuff was free not PPV) then they would have signed him months ago and had him in there with a Gonzaga or Kongo ect already. So don’t try to make this look like something more then what it is, Bimbo’s one and only shot to make the ufc.

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  • danw84 says:

    Some of you guys should really grow up a bit and quit calling the guy names that a 7 year old could come up with. “Kimblow”? “Bimbo”? Come on…

    Regardless of your childish insults, the guy is at least humble enough to actually go through the ultimate fighter rather than try to say he should just get immediately brought in.

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  • Djangoplata says:

    Bas is a money grubbing narcissist, I can’t stand Kimbo and think he’s a disgrace to the sport, although I’m not denying his right to compete and I respect him for giving it a go. The only reason Bas “trained” him was because he saw $$$ signs and wanted to associate his name with Kimbo’s popularity, nothing to do with potential.

    After all the hardwork Zuffa etc have done legitimising the sport. Bas comes along and brings some bum off youtube with his porn sponsorship into the sport and talks Kimbo up like he’s gonna dethrone Fedor then when he thinks the money train is going to derail he jumps off, Kimbo gets a shot on TUF Bas’s ego can’t handle it. Bas isn’t a legend, he was more than happy to shit on MMA’s credibility to line his pockets.

    If Bas wants attention he should go back to the nightclubs, get touchy feely with other guys girlfriends, pull the “do you know who I am line?” and get his head kicked in, then he can work it into a bullshit story up how he beat up 6 bouncers and rescued a drowning puppy.

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    Bas is a legend in my house, always will be.

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    I dont think you are thinking of the same Bas every sane MMA fan knows Djang

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  • edub says:

    I will agree it seems as though Bas exaggerates everything to make himself look good. But the guys still awesome.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    This debate proves that Zuffa/UFC/White were shrewd to add Kimbo to the TUF. Everybody’s talking about it and his fans and detractors will all watch. I’ll bet TUF’s ratings are higher this season than they’ve been for a while.

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  • metalmulisha says:

    Two things here first off all I do remember Bas and Kimbo’s relationship started deteriorating BEFORE he lost to Petruzelli and I also don’t remember any of the previous fighters Bas has trained Mark Kerr, Bang Ludwig, Benji Radach etc… coming back with negative comments afterwards.

    So if I was to bet money on who’s being truthful here I’d bet Bas, and not to be accused of fighter bashing but I’ve seen Kimbo in several interviews and he’s definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s just confused when people ask him questions and he just says stupid shit basically.

    Lastly Big Dave Kimbo lost to Seth Petruzelli and Seth never fought at 185 he used to be a Heavyweight, and lastly if you don’t think Zuffa believes Kimbo is a draw and he’s going to be on the UFC’s roster you’re either delusional or lying to yourself because the entire push for this new season coming up is based on Kimbo’s involvement even more so than Rampage and Rashad’s bad blood.
    Kimbo’s in all the tv spots he was front and center at the UFC 100 fan expo and was just recently featured on MMA live propmoting the show. He’s going to be in the UFC win or lose on the show.
    That being said I can’t wait for the season to start.

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  • edub says:

    Metal: +1

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  • nope says:

    There’s Talk all over about this. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the highest rated season ever. My wife mentioned it to me the other day. “I saw that YouTube asshole on a commercial for Spike on LIFETIME.” lol. Zuffa’s Marketing team is earning there checks this season.

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  • BigDave says:

    Hey metal I stand corrected you are right about seth. I have seen the TV spots and yes they do feature Bimbo alot Which is a good marketing tool to the mainstream fans and 12 yearolds that watch youtube for 40 hours a week. But I have to think there is such a heavy focus there yes because of Pizza Slice But more because they knew long before it was made known that Runpage wasnt gonna be around come the Finally and non of the other fighters most casual fans would have ever heard of. You could be right but I hope your wrong and not on a personal level, just I really don’t want to see turn into a gimicky thing where any douchebag with a video camera that can get veiws on youtube for beating up crackheads to take away from the legitamecy of the sport I love. He will get destroyed in the house and I seriously hope they never bring him back.

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  • I dont think Kimbo wants to get into a war of words with Bas lol. El Guapo is one smooth bald man! Kimbo better watch his beard in this one.

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  • Batman says:

    I actually would like to see Kimbo fight some more and get experience in the tuf house. I hope he does well but I think it sucks that he treated Bas so bad cause he is a legend of the sport. I think Kimbo needs to learn some respect but what do you expect from a street fighter anyway right? He has potential, and he needs to fight as much as he can because he isn’t getting any younger.

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    I think being on tuf will really help people understand Kimbo a little better, and hopefully see that he isnt the thug Elite xc made him out to be. If people read interviews with fighters who have met or trained with him(except for Bas of course) they all talk about how nice a guy Kimbo is. All this hate boils down to one thing, Jealousy.

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