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The Wrap-Up: TUF 10 Episode 1; ‘The bloodiest ‘Ultimate Fighter’ [expletive] fight, ever’

TUF 10The highly anticipated tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter is finally here and so far has not dissappointed, at least not on the entertainment side of things.

In the opening scenes of the 10th season of TUF, there is definite heat building between the heavyweight coaches Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans.

“You’re too slow and your head’s too big and easy to hit,” said Evans.

“You got a big a– mouth and it’s going to cost you,” Jackson responded.

Next, 15 of the heavyweight hopefuls walk into the UFC training center as Jackson and Evans take note of the fighters size. Dana White is next to enter the room to announce that the 16th fighter is on his way in.

You can see the shock and other mixed expressions of the 15 fighters as Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson appears.

Jackson almost immediately claims Slice to his team while Evans undoubtedly has teammates James McSweeney and Brendan Schaub down for his first picks.

The heavyweights are then off to show the coaches what they’ve got before they select their teams. Evans is looking for a tough team eager to learn while Jackson puts the fighters through sparring rounds to see how they react to live situations.

Jackson looks right past a few of the potential UFC heavyweight fighters including the former IFL champ Roy Nelson.

“Roy Nelson got a big a– belly; we checked him out and he was fat,” said Jackson.

Here are the finalized teams for TUF season 10.


James McSweeney
Brendan Schaub
Justin Wren
John Madsen
Roy Nelson
Darrill Schoonover
Matt Matrione
Mike Wessel


Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson
Abe Wagner
Demico Rogers
Wes Sims
Scott Junk
Wes Shivers
Marcus Jones
Zak Jensen

Back at the house there is a lot of talk about who will have their hand raised over Slice, as if you couldn’t guess. Slice is aware that he has become somewhat infamous to both fans and fighters alike and is likely a big target this season.

Since Evans had first pick for his team, Jackson controls the match-up for the first fight. Jackson selects his own Abe Wagner to take on John Madsen from Team Evans.

Jackson is aware of Madsen being a Division II National Wrestling Champion but feels that Wagner’s jiu-jitsu will get him out of any trouble he may face on the mat.

Abe Wagner vs. John Madsen

Round 1 kicks off and Madsen takes control of the fight and shoots in bringing Wagner to the mat. Madsen keeps the fight on the mat with ground and pound and opens a nasty cut on Wagner’s head. The round ends and everyone takes notice of how much blood is on both the mat and Wagner.

Wagner is cleared for the round 2 but Madsen picks up where he left off in the first round. Madsen scores another takedown and reopens the cut on Wagner’s head. Wagner is given a few chances when Mazzagatti restarts the fighters on their feet but the fight ends with Wagner on his back, bloodied with no answers to Madsen’s ground and pound.

Dana White deems this “the bloodiest ‘Ultimate Fighter’ [expletive] fight, ever.”


John Madsen def. Abe Wagner via unanimous decision (20-16, 20-17, 20-17)

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