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Tim Sylvia and Houston Alexander win by TKO at Adrenaline MMA IV

Tim SylviaUFC veterans Tim Sylvia and Houston Alexander have placed themselves back in the winners circle by each notching first round TKO victories over their respected opponents at Adrenaline MMA IV.

Former UFC heavyweight champion bounced back from three consecutive losses as he battered Jason Riley early in the first round for the convincing stoppage victory.

It became obvious that Sylvia was getting the better of the exchanges early on before dropping Riley with a big right hand and following him to the floor with punches, prompting the referee to wave the bout off at the 2:32 mark.

Alexander, who was on loan from his current contract with the UFC, also put himself back on track following three straight losses, battering Sherman Pendergast early for the much needed win.

A series of punishing leg kicks had Pendergarst in serious trouble just over a minute into the bout before Houston got absolutely midevil on the MMA veteran, swarming him with a brutal volley of strikes and forcing the stoppage just shy of the two minute mark.

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