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Frank Trigg given one last chance in the UFC

It seems as though Frank Trigg will not be getting cut from the UFC after all.

After a lackluster performance where Trigg was defeated in a first round TKO by Josh Koscheck at UFC 103, Dana White suggested “Twinkle Toes” has fought his last fight in the octagon. Trigg himself was quoted as saying if this were the case; he would walk away from MMA altogether.

However, Trigg learned on Monday the UFC would give the veteran fighter one more shot with the organization. He recently spoke with and discussed his situation, “I’ll get one more shot, another fight, to prove I belong here. If I win, they’ve got to keep me around. If I lose and it’s back-to-back losses, they’ll probably drop me, rightfully so.”

Initial reports were that his UFC deal was a one and done, stemming from the beat-down he received by Koscheck, but Trigg said he was told a different story by the UFC, “They basically said, ‘If you lose, we have to keep you for one more fight since Josh is a top-five guy and it’s such a tough fight. That’s why I was so surprised that Dana said that I was being cut.”

It now seems by the grace of the UFC or the overwhelming argument from fans about Trigg being cut, he is being given at least one more opportunity to prove he’s still the premier fighter he once was.

Trigg ended by saying, “I’m ready to fight, and I want to fight,” he said. “But I just want to fight in the UFC.”

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