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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Retires

RampageIn an announcement leaving many of his fans in shock, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson informed the world earlier today via his website that he is walking away from Mixed Martial Arts in order to concentrate on his acting career.

The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion explained the primary motivation for his decision is a lack of respect on the part of UFC President Dana White, as well as a need to focus on providing for his family.

The following is Jackson’s word-for-word account of the situation:

The UFC has done a lot for me but I think I have done more for them. The UFC bought WFA to get my contract & they saved my life, so I felt loyal to them. They pushed me into a fight with Chuck Liddell even when I clearly stated I wasn’t ready to fight for the belt because the American fans didn’t know me but I took the fight and didn’t complain & after I won the American fans booed me for the first time which changed the way I saw them and it hurt me deeply.

Then before I can even get out of the cage they announced that I was fighting Dan Henderson without even asking me. After I beat Dan Henderson, I made history in becoming the first undisputed champion in MMA but was never even given the pride belt in the cage & I was never promoted as the undisputed champ. Later Anderson Silva was.

Then they had me coach TUF season 7 and fight Forrest and the fight was very controversial & normally when a fight is that close and controversial there is normally an instant replay. I can name a couple of instances. Instead they offered me the Wanderlei Silva fight which I gladly accepted even though I know it was a very risky fight for me to take because of all the drama that was happening to me at the time. I fought that fight with a jaw injury and then a couple weeks later Dana called me and asked me to fight Rashad. For the first time I said no, I didn’t want to fight because it was such short notice & I wouldn’t have had a long break between camps. Dana talked me into fighting Rashad anyway but Rashad refused the fight and so I had to fight Jardine as a favor to the UFC instead of getting my belt back (which wasn’t even worth it to me financially).

Then I reinjured my jaw in the fight with Wanderlei & Jardine. Frank Mir gets hurt so they wanted to switch my fight from UFC 100 to the fight Frank couldn’t make it to but I couldn’t fight cause I needed jaw surgery. So they give Machida the fight against Rashad & they told me they want me to coach TUF season 10 against Rashad. That’s why I wanted Rashad to win so bad but when Rashad got knocked out I told them I wanted to fight Machida for the belt but Dana told me if I coach TUF against Rashad that I could fight Machida afterwards cause this was a different type of ultimate fighter show they were doing. After I signed the contract Dana then changes his mind & says I have to fight Rashad & even told me what to say in the press and so my fans think I was scared to fight Machida. After all that I still never complained and I did it all.

Then this movie role came about that I have been trying to get for over a year and as soon as I found out I was close to getting it, I called Dana right away and asked to push the Memphis fight back just a month or so. I told him what this movie role meant to me. I told him that I used to bond with my father watching the TV show as a kid when my parents where still married & it represents the memories I had with my father when we lived together. My dad became an alcoholic and addicted to drugs and we grew apart. But after my dad got his life back together, I was so proud of my dad and I told him I would always take care of him in the future & make him proud of me. My dad and I are still very big fans of the show & I am basically doing this for the childhood memories I had spending time in front of the TV with my dad. Dana went on the internet & mocked me because of that and I still did nothing. Dana and I finally talked and we made up and then after that he went back on the internet and said some bullshit and he was talking bad about the movie when information is not even supposed to be released and talking about payments which is not even true could really hurt my future acting career, which could very well last longer than my fighting career. I’m not like Randy Couture. My body has been getting so many different injuries that I wont be able to fight until my forties and neither do I want to fight that long. So I feel like my second career could be in jeopardy… so I’m done fighting. I’ve been getting negative reviews from the dumb ass fans that don’t pay my bills or put my kids though college. So I’m hanging it up. I’m gonna miss all my loyal fans but hopefully they’ll follow me to my new career and I will gain more loyal fans along the way. And all you hater fans out there can kiss my big black hairy ass! And anybody that don’t like what I just said can come try to kick my ass!

I still feel the UFC is a great organization and I felt like I was very loyal to them but they didn’t respect my loyalty but I wish the UFC the best. I did a lot of things for them. I wish no bad blood between us but I have kids & a family back in Memphis to provide for and that’s all that matters to me!

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  • dpk says:

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  • danw84 says:

    Well at least he’s finally found a way to silence all the critics who say he’s afraid to fight both Machida and Evans.


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  • joe mo mma says:

    can’t blame the guy. he wants to think of the future. i grew up watching A-Team too. i hope he does well as BA.

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  • bigbadjohn says:

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  • jmack91 says:

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  • Rich S. says:

    This infuriates me.
    He’s one of the most popular fighters on the face of the Earth.. He has millions of fans.. and now he’s leaving the sport to continue to focus on his 10 minute movie roles..

    TUF is totally ruined.. Sure, we are getting more Heavyweights. yay. But now, every time he and Rashad have a little scuffle, or talk trash, we have to remember, OK, I’m never going to see these two fight..

    He WILL come out of retirement.. Everyone does.. As far as I’m concerned, people only announce their retirements these days JUST SO it’s that much better when they return.. Hell, even Mayhem retired for a couple months..

    Either way, this is just downright annoying..

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    First Cro Cop basically retires and now Rampage. This is looking like it is going to be a bad week. Well I would say the same to Rampage as I said to Mirko, I enjoyed watching his fights, and he is about the funniest guy in the sport right now, and i guarentee most Mma will miss him. I kind if wish he would have koed Rashad first. I hope the movie kicks ass.If he really stays away I would bet money the ufc trys legal action like they did to Randy so the next month or two could get very interesting.

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  • danw84 says:

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  • Niv says:

    I think that’s too bad, I really enjoyed watching Rampage fight. He’s a great fighter who has entertained us with some huge battles over the past years, but it’s his life and he’s doing what he feels is best for him.

    I wish Rampage the best, I hope his acting career works out for him and his family, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if we see him back in the ring sometime either.

    I wonder when Dana White is going to reflect on how much his big mouth is starting to get into the way of his business? I’ll bet Dana White’s constant slandering of Fedor was a huge part of him not signing in the UFC, it’s really time for Zuffa to look towards getting a new talking head.

    I know people here love Dana White, but personally I’m tired of how much crap comes out of the guys mouth, it isn’t good business to have a guy like that representing your organization.

    Before anyone mentions it’s mma so what if your ceo acts tough, well it makes it harder for you to be accepted in the mainstream for one. Let’s face it the Joint Chief of Staff speaks softly and he represents people who kill for a living, time to grow up a bit here.

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  • edbuzz says:

    I love Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. The man has a great personality and is a really good MMA fighter. He has a right to be pissed with the way Dana White has handled him. Maybe it’s because Dana White has been a dick that Rampage flipped out and crashed his car/cops/etc.

    Do you think Dana White would accept the same challenge proposed by Tito with Rampage?

    Dana White has been great for the UFC but he tends to get a bit nasty sometimes when fighters don’t obey him. Dana is human but he’s created a lot of anti sentiment towards himself with hardcore loyalist like myself. He’s beginning to annoy me with his comments.

    As far as I’m concerned, once Randy Couture said the dude ain’t right I lost all respect for Dana White. Randy Couture is a class act.

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  • danw84 says:

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  • Niv says:

    The comment wasn’t about the military, anyone can figure that out, and there is no disrespect intended towards any servicemen or women.

    I thought it would be easy to get the point.

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  • twyg says:

    Yeah this is a little shocking. Rampage is probably in his prime or just coming down and has a lot left in the tank. As far as Dana goes you kind of have to take the good with the bad. He did kind of save Rampages ass after what happened following the lose to Forrest. Then he comes out and talks all kinds of shit about Rampage and the movie. I have to admit I would not mind if Dana kept his opinions to himself sometimes. If he wants this sport or more importantly to him the UFC to be on par with the other major leagues he is going to have to tone it down. That will never happen though instead he will be the Moses of MMA. He will lead it to the promised land and will not be allowed to bask in the glory. I think he gets dumped when his job is done. Frank and Lorenzo have to know that you can not act like this in the mainstream media. I think that is why Frank has started to take a more hands on approach. Rampage will be back over/under two years.

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  • Batman says:

    I support you rampage I hope the movie does well. Feed your family thats real talk, do what you have to do. I thought it was disrespectful what dana said about you and your acting career. make that chump pay you more and beg you to come back.

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  • YetiLee says:

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  • submit662266 says:

    If Rampage were not a top draw, Dana would have left him in jail in OC. Let’s not call Dana some sort of saint for bailing out Rampage. Dana did it because the UFC had a lot to lose. One comment above mentioned that Rampage went crazy in his truck b/c of Dana. I don’t care what Dana said or did, Rampage was the one driving his truck, bottom line.

    Dana’s comments and ego are causing problems. He’s a used car salesman with more power and money. He’s really pathetic. If you have so much power and money, you don’t need to act like a slimy con artist.

    I agree with the post above that he could be a big reason Fedor is somewhere else. Every time he says something, he’s lying. I find myself listening to him and thinking of an old song that says “he’s mixing up the truth with something funny I start to see, he’s telling . . . Lies Lies Lies Lies!”

    Later today, Dana will make some comments trashing Rampage and how he screwed TUF, UFC and Dana. Rampage might be one-dimensional, but Dana is even more so.

    Rampage, I was thrilled when you came into the ufc, and wish you the best in your future.

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  • neijia says:

    Rampage is the most entertaining athlete in all of pro sports. He deserves a shot in movies. I can’t believe so-called “fans” are such haters of Cung Le, Cro Cop, and now Rampage. Are you kids who live at home and can’t understand real people provide for their families, and can’t think for yourselves and just copy Dana White’s idiotic statements? Dana’s personality and ego problems have been the root of a lot of the issues. submit has it right – we can all tell he’s full of crap. He changes his tune constantly. He will definitely say more b.s. about Rampage now, unlike Scott Coker with Cung Le’s departure. What would you say now if Michael Phelps decided 8 gold medals really was enough? “No, he has a lot left? I can’t believe he’s screwing the swim fans? He shouldn’t be doing endorsements on tv and acting appearances?” Do you even realize how ridiculous that sounds?

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  • BigDave says:

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  • Guy Gaduois says:

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    I got the point Niv
    Dana and his mouth not being able to handle mainsteam media = not working
    Croker and his tight lips = Nov 7th on National TV Fedor vs Rogers and Shields vs Mayheim for MW title.
    Who is winning here?????

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  • Angry Mike says:

    Rampage is impulsive to say the least, so it’s possible this is just another energy drink moment in his life. As far as the pr is concerned, he’s either an idiot savant or a genius. Maybe he’s hired one. Anyway, he’s not the same fighter since he split with Juanito and went to Wolf’s Lair, and now he has shot at some movies. How to bow out without admitting that your last few fights have been lackluster? The answer is to blame it on Dana, whose brash statements make him the perfect heel, and all the anti-Zuffa/White/UFC posts after this story prove it.

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    oh and for all you people who want to sing that Dana and the UFC bailed rampage out when he needed him most read submit662266 post before you start claiming that they are Knights in Shinning Armour. And maybe read the whole article again. Yes its from Rampages point of view but you cant put past Dana with his back ground

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    Mike your making sense to me here as well. I was thinking that as well but in a middle of a confrence call. this can very well be “fine you want to talk shit about me but were best buddies face to face….then market your tuff show with everyone knowing that the fight will never happen….give me a sorry and more $$$ big mouth and i will come back”
    he cant be truly serious into thinking that his acting career will take off with one role so far. He knows his bread and butter is in the cage and he is using the tuff show and dana’s words aginst him. there is always a time and place. to bad dana will never know when it is

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  • cocoonofhorror says:

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  • cocoonofhorror says:

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  • Madmax says:

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  • mac wilson says:

    I predict Rampage returns. He wont make it far in acting. His biggest stage is the UFC.

    I disagree that he has done more for them than they have done for him as they gave him top tier competition constantly and he became a superstar in the U.S. almost overnight. Sure the fans boo’d him origionally but that’s the way it goes when you de-throne a legend. It wasn’t all bad beating Chuck Liddell was it?

    And everyone knew he was the undisputed LHW champ. They mentioned it about 45328795787 times during the PPV when hyping the fight that the winner would be.

    Dana probly put fuel on the fire by speaking to the media so openly about the situation, but I still think he had to say SOMETHING. Everyone was freaking out about this movie role so he had to chime in. Did he go above and beyond? Tough call. Dana has a part to play with his job. And I definately agree that once Dana has brought the UFC to where it wants to be, things will change. He can’t be speaking the way he is because the bad may start to outweigh the good with him.

    Maybe Rampage feels he is in a position of power and wants to show the UFC how valuable he is to them. This is most likely what is going on. I don’t see Quinton Jackson becoming the next Denzel Washington.

    Stay tuned for the ensuing soap opera.

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  • manny says:

    Way to go Dana, keep pushing out ur top fighters by taking shit bout them. Let the guy do what ever he wants to and he’ll come back to fight. What other mma organization talks shit about their own fighters?

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  • manny says:

    O yeah F’n pay the fighters as well

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  • Angry Mike says:

    If Rampage’s acting career is “one and done,” his attack on White and UFC is short-sighted, and that’s consistent with his impulsiveness (irrationality). But that doesn’t mean he’s gone from UFC for good. The whole Randy Couture lawsuit saga proves that when there’s money to be made, people find a way to make peace. Couture’s self-immolation cost UFC and him thousands and thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, but he and UFC found a way to get past it.

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  • Pajamashark says:

    I think this is a smart move for Rampage. With Hollywood, you should strike while the iron is hot- they are even more fickle then sports based fandom. Plus, since the UFC has a monopoly on MMA it is a very tenuous position when your entire earning potential is tied up in one organization and helmed by a man who is publicly slagging you. Regardless of what Rampage “owes” the UFC, it is not really in his best interests to shut up and play nice when there is no guarantee Dana will do the same.

    I’m relatively new to UFC and pro-MMA in general and never heard of Tito Ortiz except to know he is having kids by Jenna Jameson. I came in during Dana’s blacklisting and blacking out of all things Tito- absent from highlight reels, UFC retrospectives, Hall of Fame hype, etc. How did I not know Dana aired a masturbatory hour long special of him training to fight Tito in the cage? Hilarious! No fan of Schadenfreude should ever not be able to see that! With the role he’s played in the UFC I *should* have heard of Tito, but it was like he didn’t exist as a relevant figure because of Dana refusing to acknowledge him. I found out for myself eventually sure, but Rampage is not totally unwarranted to want to leave his legacy in the hands of a larger public- not just UFC associates.

    Moreover, Rampage should do very very well on the big screen. He’s kooky, can be sly or bombastic, and his charisma is evident all over TUF 10 and his acting out with Rashad, Kimbo and the other fighters. As someone up-thread mentioned, he is now going to be the token black guy in shitty movies. Agreed, but do you know how much even bit players get paid? Rampage can show up, flex his muscles, throw out some quips, get eaten by space monsters in the first five minutes and the DVD residuals alone would still put any current and future children of his though college. He’s still home in time for dinner and made in five days what would have taken him months to earn in the octagon.

    Randy Couture is a brilliant fighter and a gift to MMA. But that will never translate to movies: his time on screen in the Scorpion King? Awfulsauce. Rampage could go the way of The Rock who manages to work steady despite being unable to act just though the sheer force of his personality. And Dana White is very close to jumping the shark with his bullying tactics. That shark is named Vince McMahon, and Dana has been chumming the waters for years with his rampant ego mania and hunger for absolute control.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    The big difference between The Rock and Rampage is The Rock has the ability to think, and to think ahead. The trajectory of his career and his transition to movies was pretty smooth, and he didn’t piss on his friends, Pro Wrestling, or even his enemies while he did it. I think Rampage is funny as hell, but sometimes I laugh with him and sometimes I laugh at him. This one is in the latter category.

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAT Pajamashark
    Shit dogg you beat on with that post. Even if i put it out there first it still wouldnt have been as great as yours. +++++100 to you my friend

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    Shit dogg you beat me with that post

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  • mac wilson says:

    I agree with the idea that it is good to have residual income incase the UFC turns it’s back on him for some unforseen reason, but didn’t he just give them the reason?

    I think he just brought the storm he may have been trying to anticipate in that case.

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  • edub says:

    GOtta wonder how much truth there is to what he is saying. I personally dont give a shit about him getting pissed off about him fighting Chuck too soon or the UFC not billing him as an undisputed champ. You beat Chuck your gonna get booed. He is probably the most marketed mma fighter of all time and when you beat him he was at the peak of his popularity. Have a little common sense they would have booed you if you fought him right away. They couldve stuck you in with Machida for a tuneup fight. How do you think that wouldve gone?
    WHen you fought Dan the payperview was called UNDISPUTED. THe UFC billed the winner of the fight as the UNDISPUTED LHW fighter in the world many times in that payperview alone. Dunno where this is coming from.

    Now when it comes to him wanting to fight Machida and Dana having him fight Rashad first I have a huge problem. If he is even remotely telling the truth than I completely understand him being disgusted with Dana. If the UFC came out and said that they wanted to have him and Rashad fight each other for any reason I wouldve been fine with it, but if they made Rampage say he didnt think he was ready for Machida yet than I say fuck em. We all know you wanted the big money fight with Rashad and Rampage. The UFC is really starting to tread down a bumpy road. Hopefully they can right the ship before mma goes the way of boxing.

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  • Pajamashark says:

    Thanks, Moose!

    I think The Rock and Rampage situations are pretty similar actually, Angry Mike, and I’ll be interested to see what happens. As for laughing with vs. laughing at, well… money and fame don’t always care about the difference. Someone is still letting Robin Williams make movies and oh yeah, I think I saw Chuck Liddel in copious amounts of shiny material trying to do the Venetian Waltz on national television Monday night!

    The Rock got *very* lucky with The Scorpion King- big budget action flick that was already part of a franchise. Yes, it was smart of him to take that role but no one would remember The Rock now if he left the WWE to go make indie romcoms. That kind of mainstream crossover success is very rare- just ask Stone Cold Cold (who has made a total of three movies post WWE peak that no one saw), Chyna (who took off her clothes- people cared for like three seconds; next seen on Celebrity Rehab), and The Big Show (who was reduced to doing WWE storylines with Kevin Federline in 2006). These were all The Rock’s contemporaries at the time as well as some guy named Brock Lesner… ;)

    Rampage is in the A-Team which is going to have a lot of nostalgia going for it, and he’s playing a role originated by Mr. T AND they somehow got Liam Neeson attached to the project. He’d be an idiot NOT to take this and milk it for all it is worth. When Rampage has to do press for the movie in 17 countries I’m sure he will provide the best soundbites. We really have no idea if The Rock left on good terms or not- surely his fans were disappointing and surely Vince would have liked to have him stay in the WWE and make him a ton more money. All of the WWE’s public storylines are crafted on purpose, and not messily played out on Dana White’s Twitter in a flurry of bad grammar and short bald man rage. If there were bad feelings between Vince and Rocky we may never know.

    The TLDR: This is Rampage’s “Rock” moment. Rampage isn’t an idiot, he just likes to play one… on the big screen, with international distribution, and for a shit ton of money.

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  • neijia says:

    Rampage doesn’t even need to come close to the level of success the Rock has attained.

    There is no one in sports or on TV for that matter who is funnier unscripted than Rampage. So at the very least, he can be a B-list reality star. He is WAY more entertaining than all those idiots like Flava Flav, the singer from Poison, Jon and Kate, the Kardashian sisters, and so on… even if he does B movies, he is ahead.

    Personally, I think Cung Le has a better chance in movies and a better chance at returning to mma. Let’s face it, as much talent as Rampage has, he could never beat Machida. Griffin beat him, and though that was controversial, Griffin was destroyed by Anderson Silva, and Evans was destroyed by Machida. They are now far and away the best two LHW’s, and Silva mainly competes at MW. However, Rampage is going to be on TV for a long, long time. The general population will know him. They have no idea who Machida is. Heck, they don’t even know who Silva is.

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  • neijia says:

    For that matter, does anyone under the age of 30 know who Mr. T is?

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  • Pajamashark says:

    I pity the foo’ who doesn’t.

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  • jtizzl88 says:

    first i love u rampage but i dont agree u should first knock out that trash talking piece of shit but that ok but man we do pay allot of your bill i mean how do u think the ufc even got where they are today. from the fans coming out to see the fight .i know u get other money too but i fell like that is a low blow to the fans that like u. i mean come on that how u got paid .is by as being the paying to get in so at least show some respect for other that anit out there talking shit behind your back man what a low blow dude i thought better of u i know u are mad at dana for what ever but keep us or at least me out of the pic because think about if there was never anybody at your fights u would have never made shit .WHAT WOULD YOUR DAD SAY ABOUT DISRESPECT. but i hope u the best and will miss u i wanted to see beat the fuck out or retard anit that his name.

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  • […] of you will remember the announcement of Jackson’s retirement just a little over two months ago when the former champion threw a verbal temper tantrum in the […]

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