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Reality Check: Roy Nelson vs. Kimbo Slice, and the winner is….

Kimbo Slice, those two words evoke such emotion among MMA fans, that this weeks episode of The Ultimate Fighter is expected the highest rated in the series ten seasons. Despite how you may personally feel about the man, Kimbo equals cash, and this weeks fight with Roy Nelson is a no lose situation for the UFC.

Once we pull emotion out of the equation, there really are only 4 possible outcomes from this fight. In this edition of “Reality Check” we’ll explore the four scenarios and how everyone involved ( including Kimbo Slice) walks away a winner.

  1. Roy Nelson wins a decision. If this is the outcome on Wednesday night I fully expect the world to embrace Kimbo Slice as an emerging talent in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. While he’ll still have his detractors , it will be undeniable that Slice has come to fight, and come to learn and improve. For the unaware, the difference in experience, skill, and proven talent between the two is enormous. And the mere fact that he could take the former IFL champ the distance would be an accomplishment of epic proportions. Winner: Nelson for raising his awareness in the mainstream instantly. Kimbo Slice for showing the dream may not be over. The UFC who will be able to squeeze at least two more fights out of the Kimbo machine
  2. Kimbo Slice wins by Knockout: While I’d love to see the Vegas odds makers give me a number to the likelihood of this happening, I just can’t see it. With that tossed to the side, a Kimbo KO of Roy Nelson on national television with 7 million people watching would more than likely cause the internet to melt down, and the average UFC fan to start an immediate campaign for Kimbo to headline against Brock Lesnar on New Years Eve as they have close to the same professional record. Winner: Kimbo. The UFC who will be able to squeeze 5 more fights out of the Kimbo machine. And Roy Nelson , who will become a household name.
  3. Roy Nelson wins by Knockout: While this will be the longest road for an all out win for all parties, it’s still going to be a win. If Kimbo gets beat by Roy Nelson, Kimbo will have lost to ROY “BIG COUNTRY” NELSON. By rights Slice should lose to Nelson, the same as I should lose a game of HORSE against Larry Bird. Kimbo losing to a Former IFL champion and a man who other than lack of “Household Name” status has no business on this show, is not a disgrace by any means. The reality is, if you are the UFC and you want to make the most of your Kimbo Cash Machine, a loss to Nelson is probably the best you could have realistically expected. Nelson becomes the name he should have been all along, Slice doesn’t take too much damage in the community, and if Kimbo shows anything, and I mean ANYTHING, people will be forced to wonder “What If” Kimbo fought someone who wasn’t clearly the most talented guy on the show . Winner: The UFC who can get at least 2 more fights out of the Kimbo Machine answering all the “what ifs”. Roy Nelson for becoming a household name instantly, and Kimbo Slice for fighting Nelson and trying to endear himself to the MMA faithful.
  4. Kimbo Slice wins by decision: Shy of a horrible injury to Nelson, this is by far the least likely outcome. Nelson is better every where, it’s just fact. When you add 10 long minutes to the mix, every hole in your game is bound to show. The man with fewer weaknesses will be the winner. If by some micracle Kimbo were to hurt Nelson, and keep him hurt for the 9 minutes that would follow on his way to the win, the people who don’t pass out and hurt themselves while falling would probably call Keith Kizer personally and demand and investigation as reality as they know it has ceased to exist. Winner: The UFC who would be able to get another 5 fights out of the Kimbo Machine. Kimbo who will have closed the mouths of all who spoke ill of him, Roy Nelson who would become a household name, and most of all Mike Goldberg who will be able to utter..”Well Joe, you just never know. On any given night……….blah blah blah………Remember Kimbo Slice against all odds defeated former IFL champion and one of the UFC’s top rated heavy weights Roy Nelson on The Ultimate Fighter Reality show”

The reality is this is a no lose for Slice and the UFC. Win or lose Kimbo will fight in the UFC, Nelson will jump start his blue coller popularity, and the UFC will likely wake up Thursday morning with 2 mainstream superstars instead of one. Kimbo Slice vs. Roy Nelson…………Well played Gentlemen.

Say your piece  5oz’s  reader, tell me how this fight goes.

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