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Kimbo Slice: ‘I carry my gun with me wherever I go’

KimboJustin Wren, former Greco Roman National Champion wrestler and current cast member of the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter, recently made mixed martial arts headlines when he discussed a story he heard from Kimbo Slice while a resident at the TUF compound.

In a conversation with TapouT Radio, Wren addressed reports that Kimbo’s management had gone as far as to insure Kimbo’s beard in fear of potential household shenanigans involving scissors, electric razors, hedge clippers, fire, or god knows what else.

As he got further into the subject, Wren began to convey that Kimbo’s beard was protected by more than just an insurance policy. Not unless that that insurance policy was issued through Smith & Wesson.

“He definitely says some crazy stuff,” said Wren. “I heard a story about how he went down to ATT (The American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida) to train and got armbarred. Kimbo doesn’t like to tap, so he didn’t tap and the guy hurt his arm. So he came back in there with a gun. Cops were called and everyone went nuts. So we didn’t necessarily want to mess with Kimbo’s beard, but there were definitely talks about it, for sure.”

When questioned about the incident in a recent media call to promote this evening’s TUF 10 bout with Roy Nelson, Kimbo was quick to correct Wren’s version of events, explaining there was no reason for him to come back into anywhere with a gun; Kimbo stays strapped at all times.

“Well first of all, with my pistol, I carry my gun with me wherever I go man,” explained the native of the Bahamas, and resident to Miami, Florida. “I don’t have to leave and come back with nothing.

“But yes, I was at ATT a couple years ago and I got arm barred, you know what I’m saying? But I didn’t go get no pistol or nothing like that and come back with no pistol.

“I got arm barred and I didn’t like it, you know what I’m saying? But, you know, I know how to defend that s*** now so I won’t be having that problem anymore.”

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