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Kimbo Slice: Don’t Believe The Hype

kimboOver two years spent “training” in mixed martial arts and Kimbo Slice has made it painfully obvious during his time spent in The Ultimate Fighter house that he has done little, if anything to address his deficiencies on the ground.

I’m tired of hearing about how the time spent at the TUF house is going to somehow transform the lifelong street brawler into a mixed martial artist we should take seriously on a UFC level.

A half of a million dollars is what Kimbo took in during his :14 second beatdown at the hands of Seth Petruzelli alone. That’s plenty of money to send your children to college in my estimation, and there should definitely be enough left over in there to put yourself through a quality training camp.

There’s really no excuses for Slice in his neck of the woods in Miami, Florida. Just a short drive away you have one of the best MMA gyms in the business, The American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida. You also have Gracie Tampa which is fully endorsed by the legendary Royce Gracie, and is also home to TUF 10 cast member Marcus Jones.

The point is that Kimbo doesn’t care about the getting better in the sport, and if he has, he sure hasn’t gone to any great lengths to show it.

In the most recent episode of Spike’s “Inside The Ultimate Fighter” Podcast, Kimbo had this to say about last night’s performance, “I knew to be careful because Roy will bait you, that’s how good he is. He can look rocked, but the minute you go in for the kill, shwoop! You know what I’m sayin? He’s a smart fighter. When I felt like I rocked him I went in for the kill and that’s when I made my mistake. That’s when I realized, ah, this motherf***** was slick. But in the midst of the fight I had to figure that out.”

Two years into the game in the middle of a fight with a guy like Roy Nelson is the wrong time to be figuring that the motherf****** is slick.

“By the second round he figured out how to get in, how to play possum and get me down to the ground,” continued Kimbo. “That weight was hard to move. The crucifix is not my favorite position. I been in that position with James Thompson and was stuck. Roy had me also in that same position. That’s a position I would really like to know how to get out of. I know some shit on the ground. It’s not like I get down there and I don’t know nothing. I have some skills.”

First off, it was apparent to me that Roy had “figured out how to get in” very early on in the first round when he had Slice pinned against the fence. You know, right before he slammed him to the canvas, mounted him and took sidemount as if he was demonstrating technique during a beginner’s Ju-Jitsu class.

Second of all, If the crucifix is not your favorite position because of obvious reasons, why wouldn’t you take steps to prevent it from happening in the future? makes sense right?

Then Kimbo goes on to state that it’s a position that he “would really like to know how to get out of”.

Are you kidding me?

It’s not as if the show just finished taping today, but that’s when this interview was released.

So let’s just say theoretically that you just had your lunch money completely taken from you on national television because of your obvious lack of ability to defend the position. Would that not be the first thing you would address?

It doesn’t seem as if Kimbo can be bothered. The word is that he’s currently up at the American Top Team in Coconut Creek training for a fight in December. What he needs to be training is that crucifix position.

Either delirious or doing a fantastic job at trolling all of us fans, Kimbo would go on to state, “I’ll beat Roy next time around. You’re only gonna beat me once. If I fight anybody and they beat me that one time, that’s it. You gave me your best. You didn’t beat me at my best. Now I know how you’re comin’. You ain’t beatin’ me twice. Damn right I’d rematch Roy.”

Roy Nelson and Kimbo Slice fight 100 times, Nelson wins 99 of them.

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