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Roy Nelson vs. Kimbo Slice: It’s all about how you spin it baby!

danawhiteFor whatever reason, Roy “Big Country” Nelson being understandably excited after dominating Kimbo Slice during the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter seemed to rub UFC President Dana White the wrong way, as he would go on to say, “This guy’s acting like the whole world should be blown away by his performance. Roy did just enough to win, and not get hit.”

But isn’t that the whole point. Hasn’t Lyoto Machida been praised in the past by Dana for the exact same thing? Of course Machida didn’t just embarrass one of the biggest cash cows in the business either.

Either way, credit should be given where credit is do. Nelson was in a couple of bad situations during the fight and used his experience in the sport to take the fight where he needed to, making his comments to just before the airing of last evening’s bout make a lot more sense.

I’ve always made it a habit to use my opponents weaknesses against them, but in a format like this, you have to be a little more cautious abut what you do. Instead of throwing the whole kitchen sink, you may have to say, “Ehhhh, here’s just a little water”. Because the thing is that there’s been times that I’ve left it all out there and wound up breaking my hands, and that’s one thing on your mind; you don’t want to break your hands. You just play the safe mode, to just get the W.

My biggest thing with this fight was to take no damage, end the fight as fast as possible, and win. That was my gameplan going into the house regarding any of the bouts I may have ended up in. It didn’t matter if I punched the guy, or took him down. Whatever you had to do to get the W. It didn’t matter if it was the ugliest win on the show. As long as you got that win, that’s all that mattered. At the same time, you want to leave the bout with no injuries, and you just have to get it done. It’s not like a real fight. It’s not like you’re fighting for a payday. You just have to get it done, and then move on to the next fight.

Upon closer inspection of Wednesday night’s widely viewed episode of The Ultimate Fighter, one would have to try hard not to notice Roy discussing the exact same position he finished the fight with with other house members.

A master technician in the sport, Nelson revealed his extremely intelligent and calculated side when he discussed how counting the punches out loud would force the referee to stop the fight. When Roy’s team members did this in the bout, Herb Dean had no choice but to call a halt to the contest.

I’d relate this to Babe Ruth calling his shot in the fifth inning of Game 3 of the 1932 World Series. The only difference in Nelson’s case was that he called his shot the night before, and “The Bambino” wasn’t fighting a grizzly looking 230 pound power puncher by the name of Kimbo Slice.

I have already had to delete a couple of new users due to over the top fighter bashing in the direction of “Big Country”? I mean over the top, like Sylvester Stallone “Over the Top”. Some people are acting like Roy held them down in a crucifix position and battered their faces until Herb Dean was forced to shout out, “That’s it!”.

And why? It can’t just be because Nelson is a self described fat guy. Or even because he openly admitted to being really hungry after the fight. Perhaps it’s because he didn’t choose to “stand and bang” with Kimbo.

Seriously? Did anyone that follows the sport of mixed martial arts closely think for one second that Nelson was going to make a slugfest out of it for the fans at home? This isn’t about the fans at home for the guys in that house. It’s about what’s best for them and their families. It’s abut getting that win and being able to go on to that next fight. That’s the bottom line.

How many fighters that lost their first round bouts in The Ultimate Fighter do you remember off the top of your head?


The moral of the story is that the whole point of being at the house is to win and earn the six-figure contract with the UFC. There’s no guarantees for the guy in second place, and there are certainly no guarantees for a guy like Roy Nelson, who’s already had as rough a time as anyone getting himself into the Octagon.

On the other side of that coin, if it wasn’t already staring you right in the face, the fact that there is an obvious double standard when it comes to Kimbo is impossible to ignore at this point, being that he was pretty much completely dominated in his first fight on the house, yet recently spilled the beans in regards to a bout in December he was currently preparing for.

And if you think for one second that the UFC President truly believes that Kimbo will have some type of miraculous turn around in his skill level from his time spent on the show, then you are being trolled by Dana White at the highest level.

It’s all about how you spin it baby! Take notes from the master, Making Money In The Sport 101.

Kimbo makes sense for business, and at it’s deepest level, he makes sense for the MMA as a whole considering the attention captured by his mystical beard can do nothing but expose this great sport to more and more people.

In less than a years time Kimbo will be on is way out. A rich man, but on his way out never the less. History will look back on Kimbo as modern MMA’s answer to Tank Abbott. Great for ratings, but a terrible representation of the sport as a whole.

Of course it makes sense to put Kimbo in there with a guy like Roy Nelson. Slice loses to the former IFL heavyweight champion and you can always pull the “He was outmatched, but he has a lot of room to grow” card. Quite frankly, that fight ends the exact same way with 90% of the other guys in that house.

Kimbo made it quite clear that he hasn’t taken anything seriously in regards to his training in the sport up until this point. Now all of a sudden he just has this new fire under his butt to become a walking, breathing sponge to everything MMA? It’s not happening.

The fact that Slice hasn’t bothered to even attempt to evolve in the sport that has earned him an enormous amount of money tells me all I need to know about Kimbo’s character. He’ll never have the dedication and determination it will take for him to beat anyone better than James “Colossus” Thompson.

Instead of worrying about how to improve his skills and escape armbars in the future, Kimbo’s too busy pulling out his strap in the gym and waving it around like a cowboy at the OK Saloon.

Outside of his non-existent ground game, Kimbo is quite obviously in the wrong weight class. While not fat by any stretch of the imagination, I still feel like a cut down to 205 pounds would be possible for Slice, who currently walks around near the 230 pound mark.

If he doesn’t cut the weight he’ll stand very little chance against the new breed of big men currently invading the UFC heavyweight ranks.

Just think of the possibilities awaiting Kimbo at light-heavyweight.

Kimbo Slice vs. Houston Alexander in December anyone?

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