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The Juggernaut Diaries: Mike Wessel’s TUF 10 Blog; Episode 3

Mike WesselWell after all the hype and all the buzz, the Kimbo vs. Nelson fight finally came and went.

The show starts off with the great people at Spike trying to make Kimbo even more marketable when they show him struggling with his “Inner Me”. I really don’t know what they wanted to get out of this, but besides Kimbo being the toughest dude at the BBQ, he cannot sit at that same BBQ and be a philosophizer.

The show also shows how sensitive Marcus Jones is. Marcus acquired the nickname “Big Baby” on the show because he truly is one of the planets biggest gentlest creatures.

The scene on the back porch with Marcus and I was at 6 am before practice and he talked and talked about his flower gardens. He really got into to it to. I was sitting just laughing because I have never heard someone be so passionate about flowers, except my grandmother. Marcus is a really good guy and that is his release for his stresses. We all have are own ways of dealing with our problems or stresses but now we all know that Marcus deals with them through his gardening. It was just hilarious to me to have this giant NFL guy taking about his flowers.

Later the fight finally came. Now, even though Dana said, “Roy only did what he had to with out getting hit”, we all thought that that was the whole point of the show. You have to fight 3 times in 6 weeks. I didn’t understand why they still hated on Roy after he did what he had to do with minimal damage.

To me Roy fought a smart, well thought out fight. Roy did what he wanted and didn’t get into any trouble. I did think it was funny that everyone makes such a big deal over Kimbo, and that when someone beats Kimbo they immediately shit on the guy for being happy about winning.

After Roy won he said, “ Can I get a whopper”. Roy was happy, playing around and trying to get Burger King to sponsor him. He was not trying to act like he destroyed him or the world should be shocked.

I just think that its funny how they hype up Kimbo so much and hate on whoever beats him. Kimbo is a big fight for anyone because of all the hype that the media has put into him. So, why is it so bad when someone is happy they beat him and did it in such a manner that they hardly even got hit? In my opinion that’s a smart fighter.

They also showed how team Rashad has a traitor on the team. Now this is where the show starts to get dramatic and starts to be more of a reality type feeling. I am involved in most of the traitor controversy. I cant say who did it but I am involved in more than one-way. It gets really interesting and extremely dramatic very fast.

The show ends with Marcus fainting and the hype of a possible Kimbo come back. This come back stuff is where Dana gets involved and he is very funny and truthful, but he also smacks some heads (verbally) and puts some of us back in line.

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