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5 Oz. Official Heavyweight Rankings

FedorWe’re back with the big boys of mixed martial arts following the always controversial pound for pound list that so few others care to address due to the potential backlash.

Here at 5 Oz. our position has long been, “Bring your backlash”. We stand behind our ranking system, and we’ll be right here to hear your side of things if you disagree.

Agree or disagree, these ranking were compiled in a completely unbiased manner based on several decisive contributing factors to the decision making process. There will be no delusional (hopefully) or political slants to these rankings, so just be forewarned that if you’re expecting to see Shinya Aoki in the top five at lightweight, you had better start preparing your retort right now because it’s just not happening. I’m having a problem putting him in the top ten to be completely honest.

Quite frankly, the incomprehensible lightweight ratings I have seen over the last year or so have served as the number one inspiration for the revamping of these rankings to make 5 Oz. the one place on the web you can trust to give you a rational view of where the best fighters in the world fall in line with one another.

Take a look around and hopefully you’ll see what I’m saying. You’re going to see sites that have as few as three or four UFC fighters ranked. Places that have Gesias “JZ” Calvancante in the top ten, with Gray Maynard nowhere to be found.

The different factors taken into account when considering the placing of the various top ten lister’s included, among a variety of other variables:

A) Recent activity at the weight class. Basically the deciding factor was that if you have competed your last two fights or more at a given weight, that’s your division.

For example, Some are going to be upset to see that Hendo and Rich Franklin aren’t considered for 205 due to the fact that neither have competed at the weight class in two or more bouts. Although a case could be made for either man jumping right into the top ten as soon as they return to the weight.

A guy like Anderson Silva is going to be ranked in both the middleweight and light heavyweight divisions due to the fact that he consistently bounces back and forth between divisions.

B) Activity. I could make a very strong case for putting Tito Ortiz in the 205 top ten, but he hasn’t been fighting. Someone like Alistair Overeem that hasn’t fought in over ten months also takes a significant hit for not competing.

C) Level of competition faced in the past

D) Recent wins over top contenders

E) Experience

Like always, we invite you to post your own personal rankings, and agree or disagree with us in a loosely respectful manner in the comment section below.

1. Fedor Emelianenko: While there is some question as to who may come out on top if Fedor was to square off with the second ranked heavyweight, there is little question as to who has rightfully earned the number one spot in this weight class. Longevity is the key to Emelianenko’s number one placement on this list. Until Fedor loses, or Brock Lesnar defends his title a minimum of three more times in more impressive fashion than Emelianenko, “The Last Emperor” isn’t going to budge on this list.

2. Brock Lesnar: Lesnar went from constantly being referenced as “the former WWE superstar” to one of the most feared men on the face of the earth, and he did it by fighting the toughest guys humanly possible in the blink of an eye. While much can be made about how early Brock got his shot at the championship, impressive victories over Randy Couture and Frank Mir to become the undisputed UFC heavyweight champion leave little doubt that Brock will be among the best in the heavyweight division for as long as he feels like it.

3. Frank Mir: It was hard for me to put Mir up this high. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you. Not taking away from Mir but I think his high ranking is a testament to the still developing stage of the rapidly growing heavyweight division. This list could look very different in just a few months time. I will freely point to the fact that Mir is a former UFC champion, holds the only win over the current champ, and recently completely pwned my number four guy as the reasoning behind his third place ranking.

4. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: After an uncharacteristic showing in his TKO defeat suffered at the hands of Frank Mir, Big Nog totally redeemed himself in his back and forth war with Randy Couture at UFC 102. It seems as if the Nogueira of old has returned, and if that’s the case it’s a scary proposition for the other heavyweights with championship aspirations in the UFC for the next few years. Some of the notable names on Antonio’s extensive resume include Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Heath Herring, Sergei Kharitonov, Fabricio Werdum and Josh Barnett.

5. Josh Barnett: Whether you like the guy or not, a split decision victory over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and recent victories over the likes of Jeff Monson, Pedro Rizzo and Gilbert Yvel make it hard to justify putting Barnett any lower than the fifth spot on this list.

6. Brett Rogers: Now after the number five spot at heavyweight it starts to get a little bit tricky. Brett being undefeated and basically walking through all of his past opposition played a big part in this pick. There would be some that would argue that Carwin should be above Rogers but a win over a former UFC champion in Andrei Arlovski trumps a victory over Gabriel Gonzaga. Outside of the pair’s key wins, they have faced a similar level of competition throughout their careers with similar devastating results.

7. Shane Carwin: See above…. With that being said, both men are in extremely unique positions to make drastic jumps in the rankings if either fighter comes out on top in their next bouts.

8. Junior dos Santos: Recent impressive victories over Fabricio Werdum and Cro Cop make dos Santos a shoe in for the top ten at heavyweight. He’s another guy that could jump up drastically over the next year depending on the match-ups he ends up taking.

9. Andrei Arlovski: It’s no mystery that Andrei has seen his fair share of bad luck lately, but I don’t feel like losses to guys like Fedor and Brett Rogers should immediately eliminate all of what “The Pitbull” has accomplished at the division. Really, this choice boils down to not being able to justify placing anyone else above him based on Arlovski’s achievements at the weight class.

10. Fabricio Werdum: Although the fact that he submitted Mike Kyle recently doesn’t automatically mean that Fabricio is back to his old top ten form by any stretch of the imagination, the fact that he weighed in around the 230 pound mark for the fight, and his previous victories over numerous highly regarded heavyweights definitely did.

Honorable mentions in no particular order: Cain Velasquez, Gabriel Gonzaga, Alistair Overeem, Ben Rothwell, Heath Herring, Jeff Monson, & Antonio Silva

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