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Five Ounces’ Cory Brady pens Fedor Emelianenko cover story for Ultimate MMA Magazine

Many of you know me as Cory Brady, editor in chief right here at, and while there is no denying who I am, few are aware that I also fill up my “spare time” writing features for several of the most respected magazines in the industry, including Ultimate MMA Magazine.

If you’re not familiar with the publication, you should get familiar, you won’t be disappointed. It’s one of the longest running magazines in the sport for good reason.

Having just recently making the name switch official, Ultimate MMA was long known as Ultimate Grappling Magazine.

This is the same Ultimate Grappling Magazine I would buy religiously during my years training in the sport back when there were no UFC’s to be found on pay-per-view, let alone on Spike TV. The same magazine I would tear TapouT ads and Wanderlei Silva pictures out of to plaster all over my apartment walls.

That’s why it gives me a very personal sense of accomplishment to announce that you will notice my name as the cover author for the Fedor Emelianenko portion (one of the toughest interviews to score in the business. I mean c’mon, the guy lives in Russia for crying out loud) of December 2009’s Ultimate MMA Magazine. Available in stores everywhere right now!

Fedor was very humble and down to earth as I’m sure you guys would expect. A real gentleman and a great representative of the sport in my opinion.

Pick up the magazine to read our very exclusive conversation where “The Last Emperor” discusses everything that matters.

I guess there’s some other guy on the cover of the magazine too……

Ultimate MMA Magazine - December 2009

Ultimate MMA Magazine - December 2009

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