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Browning arrested, cut from UFC

“The Ultimate Fighter 8″ cast member Junie Browining was arrested Tuesday night according to a report in the Los Vegas Review-Journal. Browing reportedly faces three counts of battery on a health care provider.

It was reported the troubled fighter was taken to St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson Nevada after injesting 16 Klonopin ( and anti-anxiety drug). It is believed the pills were taken “in an attempt to harm himself.” According to the Jorunal, Browining pushed a female nurse, punched a male nurse, and kicked another male nurse in an attempt to secure his release from the hospital.

The police have stated that Browining yelled at the nurses, “Do you know who I am? I will kill you and rape your family.”

After being held at the Henderson Detention Center , Browining has since been released.

Shortly after the news was reported, Yahoo Sports spoke with UFC president Dana White who confirmed that Browing’s UFC contract had been terminated. “He was given an amazing opportunity, but he has some serious issues that are beyond me and what I can do,” White told Yahoo Sports. “I’m there for guys and I realize nobody is perfect and guys are going to get into trouble. When that happens, I want to try to help and do something for them. But he needs more help than I can give him. I did what I could for him.”

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