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5 Oz. Exclusive with Shane Carwin: ‘Brock is what they call a “draw”, I am what they call a “fighter”‘

Shane Carwin PicIn what is quickly shaping up to be one of the most anticipated heavyweight championship bouts in the history of the sport, there’s no love lost on either end from fellow athletic behemoth’s Shane Carwin and Brock Lesnar heading into their explosive collision set for UFC 106.

As we speak, Octagon construction technicians are likely working at a feverish pace constructing the reinforced cage that will be required to withstand the impact when close to 550 pounds of stupid freakish strength locks horns on November 21 in Sin City.

Not known for biting his tongue when it comes to his……..  discontent with Lesnar, recently had the chance to catch up with Mr. Carwin to gather his thoughts on recent remarks made by the current UFC heavyweight champion to The Las Vegas Sun where the larger than life title holder had this to say:

He’s a tough guy. He’s undefeated, but some of the guys he’s beaten aren’t worthy of having on your record. He hasn’t fought anybody. He’s fought Gonzaga, so I really think he’s 1-0.

While Carwin will be the first to agree that “Napao” was one legit heavyweight he’s faced, he’d be lying if he said that Brock’s recent remarks haven’t further fueled the fire that has long been burning to put a beatdown on the outspoken money machine.

“I totally agree that Gonzaga was one tough fighter,” said Carwin. “Anyone in the cage is a tough guy and deserves respect. This is one of the reasons I am looking forward to this fight.”

Stepping the mudslinging up a notch, Carwin made it a point to remind Lesnar that unlike many of his bouts in the former WWE superstar’s previous career, the winner in this one will be far from predetermined, stating, “Brock forgets there were no scripts issued with the bout agreements. He better be training for a war because I will be.”

Although similar in stature, Shane would go on to explain that the pair couldn’t be any more opposite in his opinion.

“I feel like I have paid my dues and so have a lot of fighters waiting for their shot,” said the undefeated knockout artist. “Brock is what they call a “Draw”, he sells tickets, I am what they call a “Fighter”, I fight who I am told to fight the way my coaches train me too. We are different people and we treat people different. To me this sport is as much about respect and honor as it is paychecks sound bites.”

In the recent conversation with The Las Vegas Sun, Lesnar further went on to drag Carwin’s wrestling credentials into question, stating:

He’s a tough guy and a wrestler. But he’s a Division II national champion — enough said.

When it comes down to it, Carwin would like to point out that at the core, Lesnar has no idea who he is or where he came from, and he’d be wise not to make any ASSumptions in regards to the fellow goliath’s ability to hold his own on the canvas.

“I choose to go to a School that would allow me to play both sports and pursue my academic goals,” explained the former NCAA Division II Wrestling Heavyweight National Champion. “I wasn’t raised to go to this program or that. I was raised in a house where sports came after the education and doing two sports meant even more work for me. I could have likely played football at any D1 college and likely would have been an All American but they would not let a full ride Football player wrestle. Just the same, I could have likely wrestled and been an All American at the D1 level but there were even fewer wrestling scholarships available and the Coaches were not interested in having big slow football players taking spots of dedicated wrestlers. Division II College really gave me the opportunity to both sports (that I loved) and embraced my academic pursuits.

“During my last year of football I totally focused on nothing but football and made it to the Sr. Bowl from a Div II College. Then after time away from the wrestling room I was able to return to wrestling shape and win a Div II National College Title.”

What it really comes down to is that it’s going to be a fight, not a wrestling match. We can go back and forth about wrestling credentials and mat superiority all day, but all that truly matters is that one man will remain conscious and the other will not when the dust settles in the Las Vegas desert in November.

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