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The Juggernaut Diaries: Mike Wessel’s TUF 10 Blog; Episode 5

Mike WesselThe show started off showing Matt “The Snitch” Mitrione getting a whole episode dedicated to him and his “injured shoulder “.

I felt like Rashad handled his act accordingly. Rashad is a great coach and he truly cared for us like a coach should, but one thing a great coach should never put up with is a team member faking an injury or not toughing training out. Rashad really couldn’t do anything if Matt didn’t want to train but he and the other coaches made sure to put Matt in his place and try to get him over the self-pity party that Matt was attending.

Every fighter hurts and is sore. That’s why professional athletes are so highly regarded. We do what most can’t, or have the will power to push themselves through the hard times and sore shoulders. My shoulders are constantly hurting, but if I want to get better I have to ignore pain and move forward.

I am not saying to train when you’re actually hurt, but Matt would practice a portion of the time and then stop training when he didn’t want to anymore. What was humorous was when we would come back to the house he would play basketball and throw the football (with his injured shoulder) and have no problems with his “injury”. It was all an act, or a way to get more air time. It worked.

The situation with Zach Jensen has just started. I don’t really want to say much about the shower masturbation thing, but I think James said it best when he talked about how everyone in the house gets made fun of, but you have to take it and give it back.

Zach was made fun of the entire show because he would not stick up for himself. Zach is a friend of mine, and I was asked why I didn’t stand up for him. I felt that another man has no business standing up for a man that won’t defend himself. Although around the second week of his torment I had asked the other that when they were around me to not do it. It got old, and was annoying more than it was funny.

The fight between Wes Sims and Justin Wren was another great victory for team Rashad. Justin did great in the same way Roy did. Justin went in the fight knowing his grappling was far more superior and stuck to his strengths. I really did think that Wes would try to box him more and keep him at bay but Justin would not have it. When Wes would try to stay at distance, Justin would close the distance and go for the takedown.

Justin is a great fighter. He stuck to his game plan and showed that although he is the youngest fighter in the house, he has the potential to be great.

In the next couple episodes the drama with Matt continues. Matt pulls out some more crap about the fight picks, and Zach continues to be made fun. The show is starting to show how we all go from adults to children because of boredom and captivity in the house.

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