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Alistair Overeem submits Tony Sylvester under MMA rules during “Ultimate Glory”

alistair overeemAlistair Overeem fought under mixed martial arts rules for the first time in 2009 today when he made short work of Tony Sylvester in Holland.

The two faced off as part of the tenth anniversary Golden Glory card, “Ultimate Glory“.

The bout played out much as expected, with a freakishly larger than ever Overeem basically having to stop himself from finishing the fight at the ten second mark in order to give the fans some type of a show.

After a brief sizing up process Alistair began to chip away at Sylvester with heavy Muay Thai knees in the clinch, dropping his outmatched victim early on. Once back on his feet, Sylvester was battered with another series oh hard knees in the clinch just before a standing guillotine choke from “The Demolition Man” brought a halt to the one-sided pummeling.

It will be interesting to see how Overeem will do in the current Strikeforce heavyweight division against opponents that will hit him back.

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