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Chuck Liddell on potential Kimbo bout: ‘I guess I’d do it’

chuckAfter getting the “tapped” out on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” Chuck Liddell is ready to get back into gym.

The former UFC Light Heavyweight champion recently spoke with Sherdog Radio Network’s “Savage Dog Show” and expressed an interest in a possible comeback.

Liddell, who has looked like a shell of his former self, lost his last four out of five fights, three by TKO/KO. His last defeat was at the hands of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 97, which prompted UFC President Dana White, to announce Liddell’s retirement. It appeared to be the end of a legend; even without “The Iceman” never really calling it quits himself.

However, it looks like the Hall of Famer, still has a desire to compete, “I still love fighting. I don’t know what we’re going to come up with. I’m going to start spending a lot of time training guys or get back in there – one of the two.”

If Chuck ultimately decided to make a comeback, he would take fights he’s not interested in, even if it means having to fight Kimbo Slice, “Why would anyone even want to see me fight Kimbo? I have no interest in that fight. Whatever. It is what it is. I guess I’d do it, if that’s who I had to fight to come back.”

He stated his appearance on “DWTS” served a purpose, which helped clear his head of all the questions about retirement, “I needed some time off, ‘Dancing’ actually gave me something to concentrate on and get in shape on. I just want to get back in shape and stay in shape and start training with people and see what I want to do.”

Liddell, who turns 40 years old in December, will likely go back to the drawing board with longtime trainer John Hackleman and decide his next move, “White wants me to look at it, to see how I feel in the gym. I always told him, I want to make that decision in the gym, so I want to get back there and move around with some people and see how I feel. If I feel good, I’m going to keep fighting to come back.”

  • Xspur says:

    I hope we haven’t seen the last of Chuck in the octagon. He’s right about the Kimbo fight, the only purpose of that fight would be $$. I guess there are those who just want to see Kimbo get knocked out, and this would be the fight to do it. But really, I have no interest in seeing this fight either. Chuck may be coming back to the fight game following a losing streak, but he still has earned more respect than to be shoved into a match with someone who is not even close to his league as an MMA fighter. I understand the UFC wanting to make the money off Kimbo while he is still viable as a draw, but it shouldn’t be off someone as respectable as Chuck, or someone anywhere close to title contention imo. I think Houston Alexander makes the most sense. A fight with Matyushenko would be cool imo.

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  • Xspur says:

    That’s Alexander for Kimbo, and Matyushenko for Chuck, just to clarify.

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  • s13 says:

    I would love to see Kimbo vs Chuck. If you guys remember a long time ago, chuck had some rather salty things to say about Kimbo and kimbo replied on youtube about coming to see chuck personally if he kept running his mouth. UFC could definately make boatloads of money (the fighters too no doubt) and have an AWSOME angle for that fight. They are two of the most recognizable faces in all of MMA and its a win win for everyone.

    Remember this?

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    Chuck at this point in his careere needs to realize that he will never be in title contention again. That does not mean he cant have some very exciting matches that fans would love to see. Kimbo would be a good one also a fight people have been looking forward to would be Chuck vs Cro Cop.

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  • Xspur says:

    Yeah, Cro Cop would be a really exciting fight. I’d pick that over Kimbo too, I don’t want to see Kimbo fight Chuck, what has Kimbo done to earn a fight with a hall of famer? It’s just ridiculous that he is even being spoken in the same sentence as Chuck. I have nothing against Kimbo, he’s a good guy with good intentions. He’s just not that great of an MMA fighter. Money making history or not, if Dana makes that fight he is without doubt a hypocrite.

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  • Pajamashark says:

    If Chuck wants an extra pay day knocking out Kimbo, I’d watch that. “Ice vs. Slice” But I just don’t see a meaningful comback for Chuck as realistic when he’s 39 years old. As I said before, Kimbo would do anything for money- Dancing With the Stars probably rejected him because he looks too scary, but Bully Beatdown might be in his future.

    Actually, they should just give Kimbo his own show called, “F*ck You’re Stupid, You Need a Punch From Kimbo”. Kimbo just travels to people’s houses and removes people from contributing to society’s genepool with his fists. First episode: Balloon Boy’s dad get’s his face rearranged. Next: Go to Stephanie Meyer’s house and whack her over the head for writing and inflicting Twilight on us.

    Chuck had an amazing run in the UFC, and his legacy is intact. Barely. After four losses I think his fans would like to see him go out as the Iceman they grew up with and not the mediafreak he’s in danger of becoming. There isn’t a very viable fighter retirement plan, which is too bad. If there was a more graceful way to retire, then you wouldn’t have fighters past their prime insisting on dragging their carcass’s back into the ring for one more shot at money and glory (coughtitocough). DWTS, was fun to watch Chuck on! Let’s give him a Burger King commercial so the man can retire already and maybe do a cameo on CSI now and again!

    Don’t jump the shark, Chuck! You are an MMA legend. Go out on top and don’t become an embarrassing mess on us.

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  • s13 says:

    That is just ridiculous. Who cares where kimbo sits vs chuck in the mma world. The fact of the matter is that Chuck ran his mouth and Kimbo wants to shut it or addressed shutting it. Let them fight and also have the rematch with Seth for Kimbo. If chuck is so great (which he is very good) then the kimbo fight would be nothing more than a notch under his belt. It sounds like most of you chuck fans are scared to see him get ko’d yet again. I don’t care about any of that. The fight has an amazing backstory to it and I think it would be very entertaining to watch. I would LOVE to see chuck vs cro cop first though before Kimbo.

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  • BigDave says:

    So, Chuck vs. Kimbo, I guess Dana just wants to give Chuck an easy one for his last fight on his contract that isn’t going to be renewed. This won’t be a fight it will be a mugging and Kimbo will finally feel what its like to get smashed by a true MMA Striker(even at this stage in Chucks career he still has power in his hands.). I dont see Kimbo being awake more the 20 seconds after the bell rings but if he is awake he will have tapped out crying for chuck to stop hitting him or the ref will step in to save his life.

    I love Chuck but I know he is no longer a guy that will be in a title picture and I think him going out on a big pay day and ending the brief MMA career of Kimbo Slice is a fitting end to what like him or not has been a great career.

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    i wish he’d joined a different gym years ago, John Hackleman hasnt improved Chuck at all over the years, he hasnt evolved. Remeber when Chuck took down Wandy in the last round of their fight, i really thought we were going to see a new thoughtful Chuck in the cage, but then it all went pear shaped

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  • s13 says:

    I guess you guys are forgetting kimbo hits as hard as anyone else in the HEAVYWEIGHT division and chuck’s chin is suspect….never mind that though. its whoever hits the button first. I just don’t see chuck having the reflexes to beat kimbo standing up.

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    s13……you dont see Chuck haveing the reflexes to beat kimbo standing up????? Serious????? Ok I guess chuck should turn this fight down since wins over guys like Silva, Ortiz, Sobral, Couture, Horn, Belfort, Randleman, Monson. Ya i guess his reflexes might be off aginst a unproven, untested, getting ko’ed but the silverback with a jab kimbo

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  • edub says:

    s13: I guess you guys are forgetting kimbo hits as hard as anyone else in the HEAVYWEIGHT division and chuck’s chin is suspect….never mind that though. its whoever hits the button first. I just don’t see chuck having the reflexes to beat kimbo standing up.

    James Thompson has one of the most suspect chins in the HW division and Kimbo couldnt KO him. Kimbo hits hard but I would gues that at least a few HWs hit harder. I would even venture to say that Chuck hit harder in his prime.

    I mean do you really think Kimbo hits as hard as Todd Duffee, Shane Carwin, Junior Dos Antos, or Brett Rogers?

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  • xtreme_machine says:

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  • fetussandwich says:

    xtreme_machine: Chuck vs Thiago Sliva

    Chuck wouldn’t even have to worry about retirement after this fight. He would be taken out on a stretcher and it would be his funeral.

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  • mpwhite2 says:

    How about Liddell vs. Coleman? Lets see two hall of famers go at it knowing that both fighters are in the twilights of their careers.

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  • MMApride19 says:

    The only fights i want to see Liddell in now, are BIG fights, against the best, or just against legends. You know.. like i would love to see Wandy vs Liddell again. Or even Couture vs Liddell again. Or .. Anderson Silva vs Liddell? Or Belfort vs Liddell? Or even Hendo vs Liddell? Or… Hmmm Liddell vs Ortiz… Liddell vs Lil Nog? Liddell vs Griffin? The only problem would be… to assess how much the loss would be to the opponent. Like it wouldnt really matter if Liddell lost (IMO), because he will just be fighting for enjoyment, and to entertain. So long as he entertains, thats all that matters. Obviously if he signs a 4 or 5 fight deal.. hes going to have to win 1 or 2 lol.

    I honestly believe he can still compete against the best. His recent losses are too no slouches. They are by fighters of very high standards. Although i dont actually rate Jardine very high, compared to the rest anyway. He can still compete with the best though. Whether he can win.. he has to prove that now. But i think he can.

    Anyway, best of luck to him. I would like to see him back in the octagon some day. When he feels he is ready. Will be great to see his return.

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  • I guess the freakshow side of me wants to see Kimbo VS Chuck. I do believe it would be a one sided ass whoopin for Kimbo tho. Other than a fight like this, I really don’t want to see him fight again. I want to remember Chuck knockin fools out, not gettin knocked out. Its his life tho so I hope whatever he does makes him happy.

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  • Makington says:

    I actually kind of agree with s13. I think it would be a case of whoever hits the other first gets the knock out, which might conceivably be Kimbo. I would be rooting for Chuck obviously but Kimbo does have above average boxing. I have a few doubts as to whether Kimbo can actually make 205 and not be a shriveled pancake with even less cardio than he usually has. This is the UFC’s best option if they get the urge to wipe their asses with million dollar bills.

    I would, however, be more interested in a fight between Chuck, and Cro Cop. That is assuming Cro Cop can finally eat a bit of his pride and drop to 205 to face guys his size. It might not have the casual fans looking twice, but all the hardcore fans should be drooling for that fight. I’d give my left arm to see these 2 guys fight in their prime.

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  • mu_shin says:

    Have to pick up on Makington’s point, as Kimbo was pretty vascular and as close to ripped as he’s ever been on TUF 10, a very muscular 230. I could see someone who carries more body fat at 230 cutting to 205, but I think that would be pretty tough for Kimbo. As far as whatever kind of MMA future Kevin Ferguson might have, it would make more sense for him to go the other way, put on a few more pounds, and press his power striking advantage at heavyweight.

    Tough call in my mind as to whether Chuck LIddell would be entertaining in the ring, as I’m seeing more information on practically a daily basis on the long term health consequences of traumatic brain injury due to repeated concussions. Recently saw a news piece on the incidence of dementia in some retired football players, and the picture is not an encouraging one.

    Chuck is a fighter, and has been a great one. My opinion is that a man gets to make that choice for himself, and if he’s determined to come back for more, he gets to make that call too. I think a well trained in shape Liddell would be a great feature against Tito Ortiz or Randy Couture; I like the Mark Coleman fight as well, even though it looked like a lot of posters didn’t favor that match. I honestly shudder however, at thinking about him taking more punishment, and suffering another catastrophic knockout. Personally, I’d rather see the Iceman maintain the power of his legacy, and go out as a legend and an icon, with his dignity and physicality intact.

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  • BillyWarhol says:

    I’d Pay to see Liddell vs Ortiz!!

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  • Xspur says:

    Yeah, they could probably pull off a Liddell vs Ortiz 3. But I doubt Chuck would want that fight. he’s already beat him twice. chuck is the kind of guy that wants to challenge himself. I’m sure if he decides to come back and fight, in his mind, he will be planning a title run. Maybe if Ortiz beats Griffin, and the timing was right for Chucks return, but i seriously doubt it. Another fight with Couture would be more likely.

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  • mpwhite2 says:

    I just don’t think you can give him a contender right now. I know he’s a legend and deserves the utmost respect, but when you lose 4 out of 5 how does that qualify you to go against a contender? Right now Tito and Couture are poised for a title run, I don’t think the same can be said of Chuck as of right now. I say give him someone like Coleman or maybe even a rematch with Jardine just to see where he’s at, and if he wins by all means give him an upper level light heavyweight. I’d even say someone like Bonnar would be a good matchup.

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