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The Juggernaut Diaries: Mike Wessel’s TUF 10 Blog; Episode 6

Mike WesselHello everyone, did you get enough titties last night?

Last nights show started off more aggressive than any of the others. I really liked how they set this one up. But, first I want to clear the Darrill drinking thing up. Darrill only drank that first day. He did this because we had media day the second and no training. Darrill did not drink like they were acing in the beginning of the show, and especially not the week he fought. A little Hollywood editing magic for ya, lol. His fight was in the beginning of the third week, and the drinking situation happened in the second of the show, or on media day.

The Rampage and Darrill argument was classic. I loved that Darrill got in his face several times and Rampage looked more like a bitch than he has ever. Darrill is a great guy, but unlike Zak, he won’t let someone just rip his ass and take it. With the expectation of Zak, no one would.

Darrill took it as a joke in the beginning but after weeks of this from Rampage, and that’s all he really said was “Titties”, it was stupid. Rampage has one or two funny moments, then he dwells on them for eternity and won’t let go. Everyone thinks Rampage is funny but he really is not that witty or funny. Darrel did what anyone (except Zak would do). We’re not scared of Rampage, nor would we take his bullshit.

The training sequences between the two teams was exactly how they went. No Hollywood editing there. Rampage spent time making a poster of us and revealing it to his time (wasted practice time). Then when Zak got cut they ran to Kimbo and started hyping him to get ready. Haha, what a bunch of bullshit. Zak might not be the most respected guy in the house, but he was going to fight no matter what. I knew that about him; at least he would fight.

Then we got to see the great black ghetto hope get all rallied just to not fight again. Funny how he would barely train when he was out of it, but the fist sign of him being able to come back, he was ready to learn and wanted to train hard, lol. He should have been doing this long before the show.

Our practice was on point and I even learned how to do a perfect superman punch from Phil Nurse. That guy was amazing and a great coach. He is tiny but he hits like a truck, and is fast as hell. Now there were some things I don’t think would work well for heavies, but he is a badass coach. That’s just another example of Rashad trying to give us the best coaching while we were there. When it came to fight game planning, they had Darrill ready to go.

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but did you see the other superstar Nate “The Great” Marquardt was there at picks as well?

The fight between Darrill and Zak was not a surprise to us. Although Zak came out blazing and took him down, he got caught. Everyone does, and it sucks that it happens there. I think if anything, Zak got some respect from the viewers, and Darrill showed he could take punishment like none other and still win. It was a great fight and I was happy for both fighters.

The show ends with me calling Matt Mitrione the “biggest fucking douche bag”. I can’t tell you why but it gets dramatic, funny, and very childish. Trust me I am excited to see it, and the best fight of the show so far is next week.

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