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The Juggernaut Diaries: Mike Wessel’s TUF 10 Blog; Episode 7

Mike WesselWell I truly think that as the season has gone on, the show is getting better, and just in time too because I fight next.

This weeks show starts off with the final two picks of the first round. Now if you remember right, Matt was to fight Marcus in the beginning, but because of his shenanigans and snitching he had the picks switched. The truth is that I was to fight Wes Sims, Matt to fight Marcus, and Justin to fight Scott. But, because of Justin and Scott’s friendship and Matt snitching, the picks get switched. Not that it really matters anyway because when the coaches asked me who I wanted to fight, there was no long discussion, I said, “I don’t care. I can beat any one of them”. That was all I said because I am not scared to fight anyone.

However, according to Matt’s note I am. Haha, that note was funny after the fact, but both teams and coaches were shocked that he would say that about me. I was as well.

Of course, he didn’t say it he wrote it on a piece of paper like a chicken shit and showed it to a good friend of mine… Scott. Scott and I were boys way before the show and I don’t think Matt knew that.

So Scott tells me what it said, and the entire world got to see my reaction to his bullshit. What was really great is that I didn’t have to do shit about it. Both teams started hazing him and giving him shit. Even the coaches said shit to him like, “Of all the people to do that to, you choose Wessel”.

It was great having everyone on both sides kinda stick up for me because I was so well liked by everyone. I still think its funny how he wrote it and didn’t say it. WHAT A COCKSUCKER!!! LOL

Moving on to more Matt bullshit. Did anyone catch his ramblings about his voices and that he talked to his wife. I understand if you’re a spiritual man and you normally talk that way, but this dude can barely talk, let alone understand and have a greater mindset. Truth be told, he has faked his way through everything and lied his way through a lot of his life, and in this house it comes out.

The incident between John and Matt was more comical because of how John handles himself when Matt was having a childs temper tantrum. I liked John. I admit he rubbed people the wrong way, but that’s his personality and we got along fine. I understood him and his views so he didn’t bother me. But Matt is the type of guy that doesn’t say shit until he can make a scene about it. Matt could have said something to John about it in the house or on the 45-minute drive, but he chooses to become Tommy Tuff guy or Harry Hardass (whichever you like) and do it when he could get the most camera time and attention.

Rashad should have blasted his ass. Trevor (the boxing coach) refused to work with Matt and Rashad was on his last limb because of all the bullshit he creates. However, Rashad is a coach and a great guy so he kept trying to get through to Matt what was truly important and what not but Rashad soon realized it fell on deaf ears.

Matt is a douche. If you were to meet him on the street he would be very cool to you, but he always has an agenda. You never know, in the house we’re all getting crazy and out of wack so it could be a lot of that as well.

The fight between Scott and Matt was a very good fight. Scott took a shot to his eye and I know that it caused a lot of problems with him in this fight. We all wanted Scott to win for two reasons. Scott is a kick ass guy and because we all hated Matt’s bullshit. I truly though that the fight was even, and with Scott’s take down he should have won or at least went to the 3rd round. After the first two minutes of the fight Matt’s punches became soft but Scott couldn’t see at all from that eye. More is to come from Scott’s eye injury but I can’t say anything else.

Any who, I thought Scott won. That’s not based on my feelings on Matt either. I am a fair person when it comes to stuff like this and it at least should have went to a 3rd round. But, I also thought Shogun won last week too, so I must really suck at decisions.

Well next week is my big week. I have already seen this episode and it is awesome. I give the Spike people credit: These last three episodes have been great. I even enjoy Kimbo’s interviews.

Marcus and I liked each other, but we’re both competitors and I knew he was coming and I was too. I am the final fight and I am the guy that can make team Rashad 8-0. It’s a huge week and a great episode coming up next Wednesday. Stay tuned….

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