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FiveOuncesofPain’s Fifty Most Electrifying Athletes Of Mixed Martial Arts Vol. IV

Jose AldoWho are the absolute most exciting fighters currently competing in the sport of mixed martial arts? is here to answer that question, as we have pain stakingly reviewed the careers of hundreds upon hundreds of the game’s top athletes in an effort to help establish the most complete inventory of the most electrifying performers in MMA.

Among the most contributing factors in the decision making process involved in compiling this extensively researched list were (in order):

A) Consistency. More than two or three boring fights in a career will make it hard for any fighter to make this list. Loud jeers during previous bouts due to lack of activity are big no-no’s.

B) Recent activity. The last year is the most relevant, with the year prior to that being second, and so on, and so forth. If you had a terrible fight in 2004 but you’ve been bringing it ever since, I’m not going to hold it against you.

C) Finality. Decisions can be exciting for sure, but more often than not there’s nothing more exciting than decisive finality. Taking your fate out of the judges hands consistently is what the fans like to see, and will be rewarded here.

D) Competition. If you’ve been doing nothing but highlight reeling guys all over your hometown in North Dakota somewhere, ant the North Dakota Fighting Alliance shows, there’s a good chance a lot of people haven’t heard of you yet, so you’re not making this list, sorry.

So come along as we count them down from #50 and work our way down the ranks ten fighters at a time, wrapping up with the top ten and complete list that will be published on Friday.

11. Gegard Mousasi: Gegard has left 24 of the 26 men that have come before him wondering if they chose the right profession. The Armenian finishing machine has gone to the judges a mere 3 times in 28 bouts as a professional. Whether he’s shattering eye sockets with strikes or strangling necks with chokeholds, “The Dreamcatcher” gets down for his town every time out of the gate.

12. Marcus Davis: With a pair of fight of the night honors in the UFC, and both a knockout, and submission of the night bonus to his credit, “The Irish Hand Grenade” is well established as one of the most consistently entertaining athletes of the game. Unforgettable battles waged by Davis include bouts with Paul Taylor, Chris Lytle and most recently, Dan Hardy.

13. Jose Aldo: Aldo, aka “Little Ong Bak”, is a living breathing highlight reel. There’s no two ways about it. One of the most breath taking strikers in the business, perhaps the scariest aspect about Jose is the fact that he is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, rumored to be more lethal on the ground than he is standing. Aldo has really come into his own since joining up with the WEC, finishing all five of his last five with the promotion via TKO.

14. Carlos Condit: It’s hard to imagine “The Natural Born Killer” going any other way than hard. Condit comes to fight every single time out, and you’d be hard pressed to find a fight he was involved in that failed to disappoint due to his unwillingness to engage. In twenty four victories, Condit has only been pushed to the judges scorecards once, and that was his most recent come from behind performance over Jake Ellenberger at UFC Fight Night 19. Other wars Carlos has engaged in recently include wild bouts with Hiromitsu Miura and Martin Kampmann.

15. Melvin Manhoef: If you’re a fan of devastating knockouts, you’re a fan of Melvin Manhoef. With 22 knockouts in 23 victories, it’s almost certain that if you lose to Manhoef, you will be in need of a cat scan.At 5’8″ and 205 pounds of explosive KO power, Melvin truly is a “Walking Hand Grenade“. For the closest example of a real life Rocky Balboa fight, see Manhoef’s war waged with Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos.

16. Paul Taylor: Heavy hands, a high kick that would make Cro Cop proud and a seemingly endless gas tank make this fearless Brit one of the most brutal 170 pounders in the sport. How many guys do you know that have earned THREE fight of the night bonuses with the UFC. Taylor has taken the bonus check back to Walsall, England with him in dogfights with Marcus Davis, Paul Kelly and Chris Lytle.

17. Robbie Lawler: While not known for his eye dazzling submission game, the “Ruthless” one has concrete in his fists and a tenacious fighting style that leaves the crowd in a frenzy every time out. Some of Lawler’s trademark fights include electrifying tussles with Scott Smith, Murilo “Ninja” Rua, Frank Trigg, Mayhem Miller, Nick Diaz and Chris Lytle.

18. Aleksander Emelianenko: You show me someone that has the ability to fall asleep during any one of eighteen professional bouts, and I’ll show you a person with a severe case of narcolepsy. Emelianenko knows know other way but to try to decimate his opponent. In eighteen fights for Aleks, only two have made it to the scorecards. Plus, the guy killed a freaking full grown bear with nothing but his bare hands, a knife, and a fork. That’s just flat out gnarly.

19. Thiago Silva: A throwback to the glory days of Chute Boxe, this American Top Team trained fighter is trying to take his opponents head off every time out of the gate. Throwing down like a true samurai in the cage, it’s kill or be killed for Thiago Silva. Some of the victims that have fallen under the feet of Silva include Houston Alexander, Antonio Mendes, and most recently, Keith Jardine.

20. Tim Credeur: If Tim Credeur beats you, he’s kicking your ass bad; that’s something you’re just going to have to deal with. 12 wins and 12 men left with no room to argue the outcome, Credeur knows he’s not getting paid by the hour in the cage. A slick black belt in Brazilian Ji-Jitsu, Tim has no problem twisting limbs or knocking his opponents senseless with sharp kicks and punches. “Crazy” Creduer has only been the distance once in his fifteen fight career, with the sole decision being his fight of the year candidate with Nate Quarry during UFC Fight Night 19.

Make sure to check back early tomorrow as 5 Oz. will break down the top ten most electrifying athletes in the business.

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