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The Juggernaut Diaries: Mike Wessel’s TUF 10 Blog; Episode 8

Mike WesselOn this week’s episode of TUF the show starts out recapping the Junk vs. Mitrione fight. Matt had his bell rung and Scott eyes were both banged up. Those two fought a war and were both hurting pretty bad. Wes Sims attempt to throw a party for Matt was a funny joke but died quickly when Matt was to out of it to even move as Wes sprayed him with silly string. I hated that Scott lost but that’s how the judges scored it so we must move on.

This week was my fight against big baby, but first off I want to clear the air about the sucks balls comment. When I wrote sucks balls it was purely a joke. That was my saying to everyone that week because I was bored and entertaining myself. I said I would tell him I said it but I was told to leave it be and drop it. I didn’t think he would be that upset over it but regrettably he was. I had not intentions of messing with him and that happened a week before we even knew we would be fighting each other.

I got along great with Marcus and was just playing along with the pictures. I didn’t mean anything more than to joke with him, not at him. However, it was funny that the guys that told me not to tell him, 10 minutes later told him if the guy who wrote it was a man he would admit it.

I respect Marcus (even before I lost to him). He is a great guy and I am glad that we will soon be training together (maybe). Marcus is such a great guy that I felt bad he took it that way because we hung out a lot on the show. But, I had no problem telling him I did it. I really didn’t think he would take it that way. If you want proof that we got along watch this weeks episode of the aftermath show with Amir Sadola on Spike, or my Facebook fan page.

Secondly, the stuff about my wife is true. We found out she had cervical cancer two days before I left for the show. I knew she would have surgery while I was on show and opted out, but she wanted me to go. My wife had surgery and had the cancer removed the week before my fight and is clear for now. She goes back in December for a follow up. I hated not knowing what was happening to her. There was more than just the surgery, it was maybe not having children with her. It was not being there to support her if more bad news came. I was going to bail on the show but she would not let me. I found out two hours before I was picked up by the UFC when her surgery would be. I’ll admit, it was a major distraction, but not the reason I lost the fight.

The fight between Marcus and I was a simple plan: Keep it standing. I was told that he didn’t like to be hit and to not go to the ground; keep it on the feet. I veered from the game plan. I went for the leg trip and got reversed and it was a dumbass mistake on my part that cost me the fight. I hate that I had such a poor showing and deserve all the criticism from all the haters for my performance.

I have never fought any worse than I did against him. I am embarrassed by my fight. I did not stick to the game plan and almost cost me my fucking arm. My arm took two months to heal fully after that. What sucks is I didn’t even see it coming. Marcus did a great job and he is a great fighter. He has a huge career ahead of him.

The difference between real fighting and reality TV fighting is the surroundings and the lack of preparation. I had no clue to how he really fought. Yeah, the coaches told me but I am not good at imaging things. So, when someone says that guy is good on the ground, I think, ‘Well I’m good on the ground, so, no worries’. You get no visual on your opponent. I didn’t know his speed or his skill. That was the toughest thing about fighting this fight. I had to stick with my game plan because I didn’t know what he was capable of, but I clearly didn’t stick to my game plan and got my arm handed to me after almost being ripped off. I give no excuse for my loss; on this day Marcus was the better fighter. It’s not failure if you gave it your best, it’s just a loss.

I really am happy for Marcus. He deserves it because he is such a genuine person. I enjoyed hanging with him in LA two weeks ago. I am also more pumped about him coming to train where I train in Vegas.

Sorry to all my fans that I lost and that I didn’t make it go longer. I really appreciate the support and wish I could have done better for all of you. I’ll be back with better focus. The house is tough, but I think everyone saw that I really need to be in the right frame of mind. Thank you all for your support and being there for me even when I lose. Make sure to check out my web page at or add me on my fan page on Facebook.

Next week is the beginning of some really good stand up wars. The show only gets better from here on, so until then, SUCK BALLS hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. JK

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