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Frank Mir looking to ‘end Brock Lesnar’s career’

BrockFrank Mir has one thing left on his UFC bucket list before he rides off into the Las Vegas sunset, and surprisingly it’s not to become the UFC champion once again.

In a recent conversation with Fighters Only Magazine, Mir stated that he had one goal he would like to achieve before it’s all said and done, and that is, “To end Brock Lesnar’s career. Really, it’s what I think about all the time. Brock Lesnar exploited a huge weakness in my game and no matter who I crush after this, I have to crush him to show I’ve improved that weakness.”

However, don’t be so quick to assume that Mir had his feelings hurt when Brock taunted the former champion after “removing the horseshoe from his a**” at UFC 100. According to Mir, it’s all about patching up the holes and evolving as a fighter.

“It’s nothing about how he talked to me in my last fight, I could care less about it,” explained Mir. “If I took it that personal there are other ways to handle situation like that outside of a cage, but honestly I just want to fix what was exploited.

“If you’re a true martial artist you don’t do it for money or titles, just to be the best human being possible, and if someone exploits a weakness, who better to see if you’ve fixed it than the guy who exploited it.”

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