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Brandon Vera: ‘I made too much money and I started listening to the hype’

Brandon VeraOnce viewed as one of the most lethal rising talents in all of mixed martial arts, laying waste to fighters like Assuerio Silva and former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir in spectacular fashion, Brandon Vera seemed to lose something vital right around October of 2007. Whether it was the dedication, motivation, or just the spark that had been necessary for Vera to reach the plateau he had in the fighting world up until that point; whatever it was, it was obviously gone as “The Truth” went on to lose three of his next four bouts in the UFC.

Currently riding a two-fight win streak in the Octagon, Vera is on the heels of the most pivotal bout in his professional fighting carer as the 32 year old Muay Thai specialist will face off with “The Natural” Randy Couture in the main event of this evening’s UFC 105 card, taking place in Manchester, England.

In a recent conversation with the guys over at Fight! Magazine, Vera was forthcoming in explaining exactly why the cheese appeared to slide off the cracker when it appeared he had the world at his feet, explaining, “What happened to me is I made too much money and I started listening to the hype and started fucking around man. It was all a part of growing. I was talking to [Antonio Rodrigo] Noguiera and he was like, Brandon, I went through that shit twice—in Pride, and just last year in the UFC. I wasn’t training for shit. He told me, ‘if you hit the top then one day, one way or another, you’re going to hit rock bottom before you head north again.’ It’s crazy when you see that check, and you start counting . . . one, two, three, four, five, six . . . ”

As far as Vera’s now infamous claims of becoming both the UFC’s light heavyweight and heavyweight champion goes, don’t expect for him too shy away from those aspirations just yet. As a matter of fact, according to Vera, he’d face off with the current UFC heavyweight champion right now… about 210 pounds. For those of you that are keeping track, that’s a natural weight disadvantage of about 90 pounds.

“I’d fight Brock Lesnar at my weight right now,” claimed Vera. “Brock’s a beast, he’s a fucking manbeast, but he told on himself that last fight against Mir. He whupped Mir’s ass, but when he got hit his arms went straight out, he closed his eyes and put his face towards the mat.” He demonstrates this, like a child pretending to be an airplane. “He likes to be the hammer, he doesn’t like to be the nail. If you can touch Brock in the face, it’s all wrapped son. He’ll pick you up and throw you through the cage, cheese-grate you, pull you back through by your brain and punch you in the eye, but if you can touch him, it’s over. He told on himself, man, he showed his true colors that night.”

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