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Jake Shields and Jason “Mayhem” Miller verbally duke it out on the Internets

Miller_vs_ShieldsThe fight may be over, but the war of words is just getting started.

Jake Shields and Jason “Mayhem” Miller may have settled things in the cage, but both are taking their fight to a new arena…Twitter.

There is no denying the dislike these two fighters have for each other. Prior to their match up at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers, both had spewed verbal assaults to one another, but the bad blood was thought to have ended after the decision win for Jake Shields.

Not so fast.

Miller started the internet exchange by posting on his Twitter account:

Jake, the worst damage you did was give me staph, zit covered leg humper

Shields countered with a picture of himself next to his belt collection, tweeting:

You seem upset

Never one to be outdone, Miller struck back in obvious reference to the near fight ending rear-naked choke that was cut short by the bell in the pair’s match-up:

hugged your way to all those? Let’s do it again, I’ll hold on after the bell this time

Which prompted Shields to (stay with me here) tweet:

I’m on to bigger & better fights like always. I mean ur last real win was when you beat up your girlfriend and got arrested

Finally, Miller went all-out and posted a picture of, what he claimed was, “The lone damage from his fight- Staph Infection.”

While the Strikeforce Middleweight championship belt has been settled, it appears the beef between the two fighters will continue, at least on the internet….

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