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Dana White: ‘Karo Parisyan has f***** over the UFC’, won’t be fighting ‘ever again in the UFC’

karo_parisyanKaro Parisyan has pulled out of his scheduled UFC 106 bout with Dustin Hazelett due to what UFC President Dana White has described as a “laundry list of excuses”.

White posted the news on his Twitter account about thirty minutes ago, stating:

Karo Parisyan has fucked over the UFC, the fans and his opponent again!!! He will not be fighting saturday or ever again in the UFC!!

Fans may recall a similar situation at UFC 88 when “The Heat” stepped down just prior to the weigh-ins when scheduled to take on Yoshiyuki Yoshida. And, though he was initially victorious against Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 94 in his next fight, the Nevada State Athletic Commission changed the result to a “no contest” a few months later when it had been determined Parisyan tested positive for a number of banned painkillers.

Apparently Parisyan removed himself from UFC 106 at some point today. The exact reasoning behind Karo’s withdraw from the card will likely be surfacing shortly. According to Dana:

Pulled out of the fight the day before weigh ins again with a laundry list of excuses!!! Let the press ask karo why! Let him explain.

Stay tuned to 5 Oz. for updates on this still developing situation

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Curses! Foiled again!

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    thats a shame, coulda been a great fight

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    This is a recurring thing for Karo, sadly he was one of the top 5 in his weight class not to many years ago.

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  • Makington says:

    I haven’t seen any other fighter in quite a while spiral their career into the ground as completely and single handedly as Karo. Just a few years ago he was talked about as the next star who would be fighting for the belt soon. Everytime he took a step up in competition and took a fight with title shot implications he lost quite soundly. Then it came out that he had panic attacks, and that’s why he wouldn’t win. After that he managed to injure his back a day before his fight with Yoshiyuki Yoshida, which was canceled (seems more suspicious now that he cancels a day before the fight again) Once he comes back healthy and panic attack-free it turns out he is not painkiller-free, and there goes 9 months and a lot of money. His last chance to help his public image and he does this. I really don’t feel bad for the guy. He completely deserves it in my opinion. The one who was really screwed over was Dustin. Thankfully he is getting a fight bonus plus win bonus, but he loses valuable exposure, experience, probable submission of the night bonus, and I believe he loses his sponsor bonus.

    I really want to hear Karo’s excuses….

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    I remember reading once that he had panic attack or anxiety issues.
    cant remember but I think it was when he pulled out of the Yoshida fight. actually I think it was himself saying that in an interview before I think the Kim fight.
    Fuck Imp on it. I will find it.

    oh ya pretty shitty but wasn’t a fight I was looking forward to. I was even wondering why it was on the main card

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  • Ray Pist says:

    This is one case in which I hope Strikeforce isn’t going to scoop up UFC talent. Karo would add much needed depth to SF, but this time Dana is right, unless Karo comes out with a legit injury, he doesn’t deserve another chance with another mainstream promotion. Karo is as cocky as they come, but doesn’t back it up, he doesn’t make weight, and uses banned substances….did I mention he gasses, makes for a painfully boring fight, and has been extremely over rated until recently….and even so he is still over rated.

    On a side note I am even more upset that I don’t get to see Hazlet fight.

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  • Ray Pist says:

    fanoftna33: This is a recurring thing for Karo, sadly he was one of the top 5 in his weight class not to many years ago.

    According to the UFC, and the people who have their noses up Dana’s ass in order to get exclusives. According to anybody with a sense of logic he was never anywhere near top 5….he maybe had the potential for top 5 but he pissed that away by not training, being out of shape, and being so damn cocky he didn’t think he needed to train to win…..which worked…..against top 15-20 opponents…not so well with anything better!

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  • Angry Mike says:

    Karo’s problems with panic attacks were publicized in the run up to his last fight. He suffered a hamstring injury and couldn’t fight Hughes for the title as scheduled at UFC 56. Hughes beat Joe Riggs, Karo’s replacement. His fight against Yoshida fell through because of a back injury or back/hamstring injury.

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  • I’ve said this on Twitter already a few times, but as much as I love the UFC, Dana, Karo, Dustin, etc… it’s a sticky situation. Anyone who has dealt with panic and anxiety disorder knows that this is typical behavior to back out of things at the last minute due to extreme anxiety. You make excuses, etc etc.

    I’m frustrated too. I’m sure Dana is frustrated as all hell. The fans are frustrated. But I also feel for Karo dealing with panic & anxiety issues. It sucks.

    He should, however, take some time off, try to get his head straight and conquer the mental issues he’s dealing with, and then come back confident and strong.

    Just my 2 cents…

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  • […] White dropped the bombshell earlier this afternoon via his Twitter account, twelve-time Octagon veteran Karo Parisyan has been […]

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  • sensiman says:

    oh I bet Dana was pissed!!!! I was looking foward to this fight.

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  • Rich S. says:

    The worst part about this is the fact that Hazelett is getting robbed of a chance to perform..
    Sure, he’s getting paid his full purse, but he hasn’t fought in over a year now, and this was going to be the biggest fight of his career (and he was going to win).

    I only hope that he can nab a fight on a card within a month or two.. for his sake..

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  • s00nertp says:

    not anything new from what others have said, but man this sucks. I hope you pull out of this with no long term issues.

    I see this as a career ender unfortunately. I really liked his fight style.

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  • Vogairian says:

    I feel bad for Karo because it does seem like he has some issues that need to be worked out. On the other had I feel worse for the people who were counting on him to show up and fight. I hope he find the help he needs, but I don’t blame Dana for not planning on giving him another shot.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    He and Starnes can open a hot dog stand.

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  • At this point I could care less. Having a wife AND best friend that both suffer from and take medication for anxiety disorders I understand how it can force you to back out of things that cause you much more anxiety. However all of the books and therapy my loved ones have received says one thing is pivotal and its facing whatever makes you anxious and remembering that a panic attack can’t harm you any more than you let it. Sad Karo was an exciting fighter is his better days and one of my favorites to watch. I feel wose for Hazelett though. I saw him pulling some crazy sub out and winning this one. Anyways thanks Karo….for screwing us AGAIN. For once I stand completely on Dana White’s side.

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  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    Now he can concentrate on fulfilling his dream of playing egg shaker in System of a Down. I buy my crack, my smack, my painkillers right here in Hollywood!!!!

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  • baldguy80 says:

    Well, that’s kinda poopy. When Karo is on, he’s fun to watch! He needs to get real serious about his illness and do something about it. Whatever is going on in his noggin’ needs to be addressed, otherwise he’s just a waste of talent..

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