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The Aftermath: UFC 106

ufc 106 2What do you do with Tito Ortiz now? Well if it was up to me, here’s what I would do. I scrap the whole Axe Murderer vs. Sexyama fight. Nobody outside of Japan and a small portion of the hardcore community wants to see Silva fight Akiyama anyways. No, here’s what you do; scrap that fight, and book Tito vs. Wanderlei II. Both guys coming off of losses, this rematch has been a long time coming.

Did anyone else catch Josh Koscheck just completely disrespect his own teammate following his submission victory over Anthony Johnson? His comments to Joe Rogan are below:

I know there’s somebody here that thinks he’s the No. 1 contender. He thinks he’s the No. 1 contender, and I don’t think he’s fought anybody, and he’s sitting right over there and his name is Dan Hardy. He hasn’t fought anyone like me, guaranteed. I’m the number one contender in this weight division.

It’s all fine and dandy to look out for your own best interests in getting a crack at the title, but I don’t see any reason to throw your friend’s under the bus in doing it. Obviously Hardy just fought and beat Mike Swick; Mike Swick, friend and longtime training partner to Josh Koscheck at the American Kickboxing Academy is San Jose.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira has arrived and every single UFC light heavyweight has been put on notice. There’s not a single fighter at 205 pounds that I feel would have an easy night with Lil Nog. He made beating the stuffing out of Luiz Cane look easy. It looked like a top level mixed martial artist teaching someone making their professional debut a lesson in humility. Obviously that wasn’t the case, but that’s what it looked like. Looked like something I’d see on MTV’s Bully Beatdown rather than how I expected the fight to unfold.

On that note, it is in my personal opinion that Cane would be much better served if he gave the 185 pound division some serious consideration. I’m no nutritionist but I’m just going to take a chance in stating that I firmly believe that Cane could not only make the cut to middleweight, but he’d be much more effective at the weight. He’d be taking punches from men that aren’t naturally larger than him and I also feel his speed would benefit from the switch while his punching power would remain, or perhaps increase with the combination of more speed in the mix.

Does Phil Baroni train for a single five minute round or what? Honestly? Phil has long been one of my favorite fighters to watch throw down……. for about three or four minutes, but I can’t remember the man looking fresh at the start of a second round…. eva. Take his fight with Sadollah at UFC 106 for example; First round: Baroni comes out and lays it all out there, as usual; Second round: Phil comes out, throws two haymakers that wiff, and it’s all downhill from there. Baroni can thank his chin and Amir’s lack of a huge punch for making it to the final bell.

Does Ben Saunders have the most dangerous clinch in the business right now? While that may be a little bit of a stretch, the question deserves to be asked after giving Brandon Wolff a second forehead via knees in the clinch during their meeting and crushing Marcus Davis on Saturday evening with the same technique. Of course the two Silva’s, Anderson and Wanderlei, are both well respected for their clinch game but it seems like Saunders now deserves the same type of fear and respect that those two bring to the table.

Two things that struck me as REALLY odd with Jake Rosholt’s performance in his triangle defeat at the legs of Kendall Grove: First off, I may be crazy, but it sure looked like Rosholt was beginning to tire, or dare I say gas when Kendall sunk the choke in. Secondly, it looked like Jake tapped out REALLY early . I didn’t see him try to wiggle out of the hold once and he was tapping Grove’s thigh before Kendall even had a chance to pull Rosholt’s head down. It looked like one of those sparring taps. One of those taps you get used to when you get caught during practice, but there should definitely be a different standard when it comes to the big show.

I am officially a converted Brian Foster fan. Don’t get me wrong, his previous fight in the UFC with Ricky Story was about as brutal as it gets but the fact that he got caught in a MOUNTED arm-triangle left me in a position where I could see Foster on his way out of the UFC following what I was convinced would be a loss at the hands of Brock Larson. Obviously that was not the case on Saturday evening as Foster gave more than he got in a consecutive back and forth war in the Octagon, putting a beating on Larson that had the respected veteran tapping the canvas in submission. Not only did Foster show that he could beat a very legitimate welterweight in Larson, but more importantly in my eyes, he showed that he puts it all on the line every time out. For the first time ‘I can safely say that I am anxiously awaiting the announcement of Foster’s next bout.

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