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Dan Hardy: Koscheck is floating around like ‘a turd that won’t flush away’

6268-danhardy_ufcNever one for a loss of words on the subjects that matter, UFC welterweight title challenger Dan Hardy recently had an interesting perspective on Josh Koscheck‘s career in the UFC on the heels of some disparaging remarks hurled in The Outlaw’s direction during UFC 106.

“I know there’s somebody here that thinks he’s the number one contender. He thinks he’s the number one contender, and I don’t think he’s fought anybody, and he’s sitting right over there and his name is Dan Hardy,” exclaimed Koscheck following his submission victory over Anthony Johnson this past Saturday. “He hasn’t fought anyone like me, guaranteed. I’m the number one contender in this weight division.”

In a conversation with our friends over at Fight! Magazine, Hardy compared Koscheck’s career in the UFC to….. I’ll allow Dan to explain.

“The thing I’ve realized about Josh Koscheck is that he’s kind of like a turd that won’t flush away,” said Hardy. “He kind of wins a fight, and you think he’s doing alright. Then he loses a fight and you think he’s done, and then he wins a fight. He’s always kind of floating around and he never really does anything.

“He thinks he deserves a shot as GSP but I think he’s 3-2 in his last five fights, so he’s not really in a position to be calling for a title shot.

“The guy’s just a bit of a dick. I never get bored watching hm get punched in the face though, so that’s always a bonus to see him keep fighting.”

When asked if he would be confident if a fight between himself and Koscheck should come up at some point in the future, Hardy explained, “Yeah, I’m very confident. I’m confident I’d be able to do pretty much what I like in that fight and he still wouldn’t be able to win.”

It seems inevitable that these two will settle their differences the old fashioned way, but for now Hardy has bigger fish to fry.

  • nate says:

    i think dan wins in the shit talking category comparing kos’ career to a turd that wont flush! ha! thats funny. saying fuck you bitch you havent fought anyone so suck my dick cause i deserve it not you sounds like a jealous baby.

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  • thedudex says:

    As much as I hate Kos, he is at least 1/2 correct with his post fight statements. Hardy in no way deserves a title shot…since when does beating marcus davis(barely) and Mike swick make it so you deserve a title shot ??
    Why won’t the Ufc let some of the guys that deserve another shot at GSP have it? the GSP vs John fitch was an entertaining fight to watch if nothing else and he sure as hell deserves his shot more than Dan hardy. Pure BS in my opinion, hardy needs 3-4 victories int he UFC before he deserves his shot at the best LB for LB fighter in the world. I guess it will be sort of fun to watch GSP destroy Hardy, but i’d much rather see him fight someone that would pose a llittle bit of a problem for him.

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  • Toque says:

    Um… Hardy is a welterweight, not a middle. FYI

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  • cocoonofhorror says:

    if Hardy ever fights a legit opponent outside his own backyard he will understand the meaning of the term “overrated”. he is overrated personified, Kos would rape him.

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  • nate says:

    um the dude.. obviously you don’t follow enough mma to understand that 1. hardy has taken out three top guys in the ufc ww division. 2. mike swick was a contender at TWO weight classes and was widely regarded as a shoe in for #1 contender. hardy dismantled him. couple that with the fact that kos ALREADY lost to gsp AND thiago alves the last man gsp beat. sorry but hardy is making waves and that makes just as much a difference as winning fights does (I back that claim w/ yushin okami winning almost all his fights and never seeing a title shot because he was considered boring) I don’t understand the uproar over this particular shot. alot of other fighters may be more deserving but don’t forget it’s a business too and the ufc makes fights that sell man. Dan has a very witty and charasmatic charm about way about him that wins over fans. he also comes up big in big fights where he is the underdog. that has a huge impact. demolishing swick trumps running over a 37yr old trigg. sorry Josh wait your turn. besides it’s a good thing to have multiple contenders dummy. everyone will get their chance. and what’s this crap about fighting nobody? Marcus Davis Rory Markham and mike swick are by no means “nobodies” if you think those guys are nobodies then please stop watching mma because your just too stupid for me to begin to explain how dumb you are

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    i agree with some of what you say nate
    first Okami had a title shot but got hurt and had to pull out. after that they never gave him another shot.
    2. 4 fights in the UFC-1 ko over a Markham (sorry but he is a nobody) 1 dec and 2 split dec is not making waves. going 10-1 in the UFC and you only loss is to the Champ is making waves (Fitch)
    3. the only reason hardy was in this #1 spot fight was he was filling in for some one (think it was Kapaman) and wasnt even in the top five at the time.
    4. Davis is a not a nobody but barley a top 10 and i LOVE THE GUY and was pulling for vs Saunders who by the way is 4-1 in the UFC and is finishing fights
    Yes hardy is charasmatic and knows how to sell tickets but just cause you can act like Titio and run your mouth like Rampage dosent mean you should get a shot. Swick Was in the #1 spot cause everyone wanted to see GSP take out new blood before the put him in with revange matchs with Kos, Alves and Fitch.
    just because the situation suits the pockets of the fat cats who sit in the big office dosent mean Hardy DESERVES a title shot

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    but yes Hardy so far is winning the war of the words. i think he should get focused on GSP. Good luck to him cause GSP is just going to put him in his nightmare (the ground) and pound him to sleep.

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    i love Dan Hardy, he’s my boy and all, but even he knows he didnt do enough to fight GSP. Maybe thats why he’s talking up a fight with Josh. That said, fuck it, you take what opportunities you can, and i wish him all the luck against GSP.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    I think Hardy has “Michael Bisping” disease, and Koscheck has the “Dan Henderson” cure. I’d love to see this fight.

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    come on nerds-please- hardy vs george

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  • jj says:

    If Dan Hardy was to somehow win the title from GSP I think he would definitely be the least respected champion in the UFC by far.

    Hardy is way too green for a title shot, he hasn’t even fought a strong wrestler yet. Any one of the real welterweight contenders would put him on his back and smash his face in and the UFC brass (and Kos) knows it. The UFC is sneaking Hardy in through the out door to cash in on him before his momentum is derailed.

    Dana White can talk all the trash he wants about Fedor/Rogers (and then moan about why Fedor wont sign with the UFC in the same breath), but then he goes and sets up Hardy vs. GSP. Is Dana really this blind to his own hypocrisy?

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  • cocoonofhorror says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  • cocoonofhorror says:

    lol, never-mind i thought um the dude was an aborted attempt at a first sentence, didn’t realize it was someone’s screenname. apologies.

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  • BiG BaD BuLL says:

    wow, jj, good point. Hadn’t even thought of the parallels between fedor and rogers. Hardy has no chance on the ground. when he fought marcus davis, he didn’t look that impressive from his back. sure he threw some sub attempts, but davis broke or avoided all of them. I honestly don’t feel like hardy even won that fight. He landed one good, hard shot each round, but otherwise got out worked by marcus. what do you think gsp or kos would do to him?

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    you know what i really want Hardy vs GSP to happen now so all those Hardy nut huggers will see how much he DESERVES his shot

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  • FightFan313 says:

    This is for Dan Hardy.. GSP IS GOING TO DOMINATE YOU IN EVERY ASPECT THAT IS ALLOWED :D Have fun wise guy :D

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  • JabCrossHook says:

    First of who the fuck has Dan Hardy fought compared to Kos? Marcus Davis, and Mike Swick are the only ones who are worth mentioning. Kos has fought GSP, Thiago Alves, Anthony Johnson, Paulo Thiago, the list goes on..and lately he’s been getting a lot better. He got overzealous and aggressive in the Paulo Thiago fight and he got caught, but he was only working his stand up for a little less than a year at that time. Now did you see how he moved after the Paulo Thiago fight? His boxing footwork and defense improved by bounds, not to mention he’s already got power in his hands, with a bit more proper body mechanics and he might have one shot knock out power. He wasn’t afraid to stand and trade with Anthony Johnson, and he rocked him with a good overhand right that made him think twice about coming in and stick to using his reach advantage.

    You Dan Hardy fan boys are in for a surprise, fuck the shit talking

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  • MMAfan1107 says:

    Hardy hasn’t fought anybody. He’s a cocky punk ass brit. Kos would beat his ass! Although, Fitch is the NO. 1 contender at WW not Kos.

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  • mmacouchpotato says:

    As much as I would like to see Hardy have his way with Koscheck, it wouldn’t happen. Kos is strong enough to hold him down and ground and pound. Hardy…prove me wrong!

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  • H3ro says:

    Yeah!! Classic Hardy. He is funny and i love this trash talking.

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    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  • thedudex says:

    Nate: I believe your the one who should stop watching mma if you really believe beating rory markam, mike swick and marcus davis makes you a title contender. Thats a foolish comment if I’ve ever heard one. name one big fight either of three has had? the notion Mike swick was a top contender was laughable at best anyway. They have no one else who hasn;t fought GSp so the UFC is trying to push through another underrated british fighter since Bisping proved how good he really is in his fight against Hendo. Dan hardy has NOT earned his title shot… he has fought middle of the road weletweight oponents and barely beat one of them. Its a joke that he has a title fight!!! and it will be a joke to watch too, he doesn;t ahve a chance in hell.

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    for all you people who think Hardy EARNED or DESERVES his titile shot need to re-evaluate their thinking on how you EARN something.
    Oh PLANETSTOMP i will bet everything i own that as SOON as Hardys back hits the mat and it WILL HAPPEN, it will be over in .3 seconds in GSP favor

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    and i have no problem with this fight happening. every champ needs a tune up fight after a long lay off

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  • nate says:

    lol. im sorry everyone gets so heated. im playing devils advocate here and giving insight into why i THINK hardy is getting a shot. I NEVER ONCE SAID. he deserves it more than anyone. i like the guy and his fights. as for kos i personally feel he isnt getting a shot yet for a few reasons. 1. he is 3-2 in his last 5 and lost to an underdog. couple that with his refusal to fight fitch or swick for that matter with the fact that he has verbally sparred with dana white doesnt help. also he already fought and lost to the champ & the last #1 contender and you have the exact formula of why kos isnt getting the next shot. as for hardy? love the man but ill be honest. he was just the right man in the right place at the right time. ufc needs another uk star. yea we all know he got the vip treatment to the title shot it happens (vitor or brock anyone?). the good thing is fitch and kos will get their shots at both gsp & hardy and we the fans win cause we get to see great fights!

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  • captchaos says:

    In my opinion it’s quite simple… When you have 3 of the top 10 guys in the division that won’t fight each other it causes a longer wait time… If they agreed to fight each other we would have seen them all fight each other by now. Swick was mentioning that he was a little upset that his road was a lot longer to the title than Hardy. Well dude when you switch weight classes, have injuries, and won’t fight the #2 and possibly number #5 guy what do you expect? Like Kos or hate him the guy does come to fight every time and he is exciting. If you are an MMA fan and you don’t like watching Josh Koscheck fights then there’s somethin wronmg with ya! Hardy is growing on me. He hurt Swick every time he touched him! What an upset this would be…! AND talk about a Bulls Eye on your back! My Lord Hardy would have to hire body guards!

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  • nate says:

    furthermore moose i forgot to mention Ben Saunders. i LOVE that man. and agree he completely plays in the top stands and could be 3rd or 4th line to get a shot with 1-2 more wins.

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    and that all depends on who they match him up with. Two wins over quality guys like Kampmann and Swick who Ben called out in an interview I read a couple of days ago should but him in the picture to set up a maybe an Alves, Fitch. I say three fights he gets his shot.
    Man that clinch looked sick

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  • nate says:

    i know man that dude spills blood! i always pull for ben. great attitude and personality keeps the fun in it while destroying dudes with vicious clinch and knees that make wanderlei blush.

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  • cocoonofhorror says:

    what was with Saunders against Swick? he looked scared and timid…seriously if Swick fights Hardly in the states he puts him down IMO.

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  • submit662266 says:

    Maybe we could call Hardy Euro-Tito. I get it: he talks big and people shell out the $50 to watch the fight. Obviously, and unfortunately, it works.

    GSP’s wins over Fitch, Alves, Hughes, and Penn have been so dominant that those fights hold very little interest. Once Fitch, Alves, etc, beat some more people, they might be interesting.

    I can’t wait to see GSP stomp on this guy. After seeing the way Kos completely owned Rumble, EuroTito is entering “a world of pain for the next year, at least.

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