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Five Ounces of Pain Rankings Updated

5 ozA twenty-three year old phenom fighting out of Brazil has broken into the 5 Oz. P4P rankings in a major way. Jose Aldo‘s recent dismantling of Mike Brown during WEC 44 confirmed the common belief that the still developing 145 pound champion is the future of the featherweight division.

Aldo also jumps up to number one at featherweight while Brown falls to the number two spot.

Manny Gamburyan enters the 5 Oz. featherweight rankings on the heels of his decision victory over Leonard Garcia, while Leonard falls into the honorable mention category.

Dan Hardy cimbs up the number five spot in the welterweight top ten, just behind Shields, Alves, Fitch and GSP, while Ben Saunders has placed himself in the honorable mention category with his brutal knockout over Marcus Davis.

Jake Shields has officially been removed from the welterweight rankings due to more than a year of inactivity in the division.

Yushin Okami falls to the honorable mention category at middleweight with his recent loss to Chael Sonnen, and Sonnen breaks into the top ten with the win. Likewise, Jorge Santiago makes his exit as well, being replaced with the man that served him up with a cold dish of humble pie via TKO at Sengoku 11, Mamed Khalidov.

At light heavyweight Mauricio “Shogun” Rua propelled himself to the number two spot with his impressive performance against Lyoto Machida. Ryan Bader has replaced Eric Schafer’s spot on the honorable mention category with his recent decision victory over Red. Tito Ortiz has also jumped into the LHW ranking with his recent return to action.

In the 5 Oz. heavyweight rankings Brett Rogers and Shane Carwin have swapped places due to Brett’s recent loss to Fedor, while Cain Velasquez has certified himself as legitimate top ten material with his one sided beatdown of Ben Rothwell.

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