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Tito Ortiz: ‘I got f***** robbed’

titoortiz1The fact that the judges ultimately favored on the side of Forrest Griffin in their UFC 106 scrap has left an undeniable bad taste in the mouth of fellow former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz.

While there were few that could agree with one of the judges’ 30-27 (Forrest) scoring of the bout, it’s the entire decision that Tito has the biggest problem with.

“I thought I won the fight. I got fuckin’ robbed man,” exclaimed Ortiz during a recent conversation with Fighters Only Magazine. “But hey, it is what it is. I gave my heart and soul and after coming off of the injury that I had and getting surgery and coming back and fighting… I’ll be back man.

“Maybe it was a draw, but I don’t see how you can score it a 30-27 when I dominated the way I did in the first and second rounds.”

However you slice it, the fact that Griffin got the nod in the rematch creates that much more drama for a potential rubber match to settle the score once and for all. If Tito has his way, the rubber match would be coming on the heels of a coaching stint on The Ultimate Fighter for both himself and Forrest.

“Oh well, it will make it better for match number three,” said Ortiz. “And like I’ve been saying, maybe Dana will make me and Forrest into The Ultimate Fighter coaches and we will get a great season out of the whole thing.”

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