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Junior dos Santos: ‘I’ll Face Anyone’

junior dos santosAlthough Gabriel Gonzaga has been sidelined from his anticipated appearance at UFC 108 due to the the sport’s equivalent of a zombie-plague otherwise known as staph infection, his expected opponent and fellow Brazilian Junior dos Santos still has plans to compete at the event scheduled for January 2, and he doesn’t care who he has to go through to do it.

In a recent conversation with, the just twenty-five year old knockout specialist explained that the odds of Gonzaga making a recovery in time to throw down at UFC 108 aren’t looking great, and quite frankly, “Cigano” isn’t trying to wait for him. Just put someone in front of him and let the man do what he does best: Punch someone right square in the face.

“I’m waiting an UFC proposal, but probably they will put someone else on his place,” explained Dos Santos. “As the most of the heavyweights are sick or have scheduled fights.”

“I’ll face anyone. I’ve been training for a long time and I’ll be ready. It’s not good to wait and lose the rhythm. I was on for this fight and it’s not good to take the focus off. I have one month to the fight and whoever it is, I prefer to fight“

In some good news, when the conversation turned to his good friend and training partner Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira’s bout with staph infection, Junior sounded more than optimistic at the prospect of a fully recovered “Minotauro” Nogueira come UFC 110 in February as the former champion is expected to give the fast rising Cain Velasquez the stiffest test of his young career, stating, “It was the same problem that happened before the fight against Frank Mir (UFC 92), but when I left United States, it was everything ok. He called me saying that he’s much better, but he’s still taking the medicines… The recovering is good. I believe that in a few days he will be as new again“

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