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Maia claims he would have tangled Marquardt up if he went for the coup de grace

nate marquardtAlthough most that were in attendance and watching at home firmly believed that Demian Maia was a “done-da-da” after being dropped like a sack of potatoes in the early moments of his UFC 102 meeting with Nate Marquardt, in a recent conversation with Sensei Sport TV the decorated submission grappler implied that he was far from a wrap at the point the bout was called to a halt.

“Actually I was conscious,” explained Maia. “I wasn’t knocked out, it was a knock down.”

According to Maia, Marquardt may have pulled his “coup de grace punch”, not as an act of class and respect on his obviously finished opponent, but more in fear of what may have happened to him if he had.

“A lot of people say that what [Marquardt] had done was nice, because he didn’t hit me on the floor,” said Demian in the conversation that was translated by “Maybe it was, but maybe he stopped because if he misses the punch I would tangle with him and the fight would still be going on.”

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