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Trading Punches: TUF 10 Finale Preview & Predictions

Houston AlexanderCome along as 5 Oz.‘ managing editor Cory Brady and   David Andrest as they once again verbally duke it out in this Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale edition of Trading Punches.

The event is set forDecember 5 from The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will be broadcast on Spike TV.

Headlining the card will be a 205 pound tussle between Matt Hamill and John Jones , with other match-ups including  Kimbo Slice vs. Houston Alexander, Roy Nelson vs. Brendan Schaub will fight to determine the winner of Season 10 of the popular reality show.

As always, feel free to agree or disagree with us, and put your money where your mouth is and post your own set of picks for public scrutiny in the comment section below.

Roy Nelson vs. Brendan Schaub (“TUF 10″ tournament final)

David Andrest: I’m going to say the same thing today and I said months ago: Roy Nelson will win TUF 10.  Like any of the TUF 10 cast that actually looked promising, Schaub gets beat by a veteran fighter with experience.  Call him a stud all you want, and he very well might be a solid blue chip prospect, he will not get by Nelson.

Winner:  Roy Nelson via submission

Cory Brady: While I entered this season of The Ultimate Fighter with a firm conviction that “Big Country Breakfast” would engulf the competition with his moon-sized belly, having had the opportunity to watch three separate performances from himself and Schaub has served to sway my better judgment. I don’t feel like Nelson will be able to get away with some of the stuff he got away with against some of the lesser fighters he faced during his stint on the show; Specifically the crucifix position. I feel like Brendan’s athleticism and explosiveness will be the ultimate difference in this one. Roy may be able to score a takedown or two, but when it’s all said and done I feel like Schaub will find an opportunity to tee off with a hard right hand that will spell the beginning of the end for Nelson.

Winner: Brendan Schaub via TKO

Matt Hamill vs. Jon Jones

David Andrest: There are a few rules I live by when picking fights.  Near the top of the list is NEVER pick an up and coming striker over a top level experienced wrestler.  Jones can cause Hamill problems with his style, this is true, but I have yet to see Jones handle someone with Hamill’s wrestling pedigree .  Hamill is a big guy and has the tools to take anyone down, and hold most people there.  That is how I see this fight unfolding.

Winner:  Hamill via decision

Cory Brady: We saw what happens when Hamill butts heads with a solid striker with decent takedown defense in The Hammer’s previous loss to Rich Franklin, and I feel like we’re going to see the same thing here. Hamill’s an amazing wrestler at the core, but in my opinion he’s not a top of the food chain wrestler in mixed martial arts. His striking served him well against fellow wrestlers such as Andy Reese and Mark Munoz but it will fail him in this one at some point.

Winner: Jon Jones via TKO

Houston Alexander vs. Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson

David Andrest: Well well well, what do we have here?   Kimbo vs. Houston?? Who would have guessed that one?   Ok enough props to Brady and his crystal ball.   Slice has gone on record talking about his struggles cutting weight.  He has gone as far as to say he hasn’t asked for help at  ATT where he has been reported to have trained for this fight.  Denies  knowing  anything about cutting water weight.  Hmmm.  One of two things is going on here.  Kimbo is sandbagging, trying to play games with his opponent. It’s not possible to be around ATT and not learn about weight cutting by accident.  Or of course the hype has continued and Slice has not been as dedicated to his training as we have all been led to believe.  In either case, Alexander will beat Slice regardless of condition.  It will look much like the Jardine fight without the talent.

Winner:  Houston Alexander  via knockout

Cory Brady: While there’s no question in my mind that Houston could easily bang Kimbo out on the feet, something tells me that won’t be the big Nebraska native’s gameplan in this one. Kimbo has one chance to win this fight, so why give it to him? No, I see Alexander taking Kimbo to the mat within the initial thirty seconds if he doesn’t wobble him with the first jab he throws. From there I see Houston finishing the fight off via good old fashioned ground and pound.

Winner: Houston Alexander via knockout

Frankie Edgar vs. Matt Veach

David Andrest: Frankie Edgar wins this fight. I don’t understand the matchmaking here, unless Joe Silva knows something we don’t.

Winner: Frankie Edgar  by decision

Cory Brady: With an undefeated record of 11-0 and only one of his fights making it to the judges scorecards, Veach is far from a pushover going into this fight with the highly regarded Edgar. With that being said, Veach has never faced anyone near the caliber of Frankie at he should come up short in all of the areas he is good at; particularly in the wrestling department.

Winner: Frankie Edgar via decision

Marcus Jones vs. Matt Mitrione

David Andrest: If I’ve learned anything from The Ultimate Fighter it’s forget what you have seen.  Especially this year when we watched very “raw”  fighters compete.  I expect  both Jones and Mitrione to look like much different fighters than we watched on the television show.  When you are 6’5′ cut to 265lbs ,  training partners to work with are hard to come by, guys you can roll with and spar with everyday than you can hit and not kill by sheer size alone are in shorter supply.  A great benefit of the show is many guys go from unknown, to well enough known and networked to find what they need to prepare for their first real test in the Octagon.  Jones is the better athlete, clearly better on the floor, and I expect him to have what it will take to put this on the ground and take and arm.

Winner:  Marcus Jones  via submission (armbar)

Cory Brady: In my opinion, while I feel like this fight is definitely Jones’ fight to lose; if it ends standing it’s Matt’s, and if it goes to the floor it’s all Marcus. While Mitrione is raw, Jones similarity to a pawing zombie on the feet leaves Mitrione with a definite punchers chance. While Jones may have grown in the striking department since the show’s conclusion, it won’t be enough to trade with Matt. On the other side of that coin, the same can be said for Mitrione, and it will go to the ground at some point. It’s not going to be pretty once it goes there.

Winner: Marcus Jones via rear-naked choke, rise and shine GNP, and broken arm

James McSweeney vs. Darrill Schoonover

David Andrest: McSweeney comes into this fight with a professional record of 3-4.   Yep  I said it.  3-4.  The big scary kickboxer that Kimbo was afraid of is a 3-4 MMA fighter.   Schoonover  is 10-0  as a pro.  Well rounded , and just a better fighter.  Will he be distracted by his recent call back to the military?  That is really the only question I have.

Winner:  Darrill Schoonover  via submission

Cory Brady: Jones beat Schoonover with size. Something McSweeney definitely will not be able to do. This fight will end how most of McSweeney’s prior defeats have: On the canvas. Darrill will drag James to the mat early and finish it via ground and pound relatively early. Size matters baby.

Winner: Darrill Schoonover via TKO

Jon Madsen vs. Justin Wren

David Andrest: This should be a fun fight.  Hope we have a chance to see it.  I’m taking Wren.

Winner:  Justin Wren  via TKO

Cory Brady: This fight comes down to one thing really: Will Wren be able to stop Madsen’s takedowns. If the answer is yes, Wren scores the TKO. If not, Madsen should be able to manage a nice boring decision on the ground. I feel like Wren’s wrestling experience will keep this fight upright long enough for the first scenario to unfold. Justin showed a lot of potential during the show and I expect for him to show the belongs in the UFC this evening in a major way.

Winner: Justin Wren via TKO

Brian Stann vs. Rodney Wallace

David Andrest: The desolving of the light heavyweight division of the WEC  took Brian Stann from the headliner to the undercard.  But honestly  there is no way I”m picking against “Sho Nuff the Master” at 9-0.  I have seen Wallace in person, and he is the real deal.  Brian Stann had success in the WEC and hit some hard times upon entering the UFC.  A recent win over Steve Cantwell in their third match up should have Stann coming in  confident.

Winner:  Rodney Wallace  via  knockout

Cory Brady: Mr. Andrest, every time out one of your predictions shocks me, and this is the one this time around, no doubt about it. It’s not the winner I have a problem with, but the method of victory. In Rodney’s nine previous bouts as a professional, he’s only finished a single fight with strikes, and it was over some cat named Carlos Zevallos….. exactly. There’s no way Wallace drops the heavy handed Stann tonight. No, in my opinion Wallace has a chance to win this fight, but it’s going to be by decision like six of his previous nine. But it’s not going to happen.

Winner: Brian Stann via TKO

Dennis Hallman vs. John Howard

David Andrest: Superman  vs. Doomsday  ???  Are you kidding me?   This could be a hell of a fight.  I’m going to pick the villain in this one, as I think Howard’s stock is on the rise.

Winner:  John Howard  via Decision

Cory Brady: Tough fight to call due due to the fact that neither fighter has been tested against top notch competition in the recent past. Hallman is a submission fiend, and while Howard holds more submission victories than anything else, he’s not going to be tapping anyone out this evening. If Howard wins this fight it will be by decision, and if Hallman pulls it out it’s going to be an armbar.

Winner: Dennis Hallman via submission

Mark Bocek vs. Joe Brammer

David Andrest: Bocek vs. Brammer is a fight Bocek needs to win. He has shown he’s a tough guy, but a step up in competition is in order if he can get by the undefeated Brammer. Brammer is making his debut with the UFC. I’ll go with experience.

Winner: Bocek via decision

Cory Brady: Huge step up in competition for Brammer in this one. This is the definition of a sink or swim fight for the undefeated “South Side Strangler”. Both guys are known for their submission ability, but I don’t think Joe will be “strangling” anyone tonight. If Brammer pulls it out, he’s for real, but based on previous accomplishments and experience there’s no way I’m not siding with the Octagon tested Bocek who’s had a knack for tapping out men he shouldn’t in the past.

Winner: Mark Bocek via submission (Bocek will strangle the strangler)

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